2022 Winter Commencement


GRADUATING WITH HONORS Students achieving Latin honors are recognized as follows: * Cum Laude (GPA of at least 3.5), wearing blue cordons ** Magna Cum Laude (GPA of at least 3.7), wearing white cordons *** Summa Cum Laude (GPA of at least 3.9), wearing blue and white cordons Students graduating from the Honors College have completed Honors classes, participated in an extensive array of events to enhance and expand their education, and have completed an independent project. They are wearing royal blue satin stoles. SAMUEL E. WOOD MEDALLION: The Samuel E. Wood Medallion Award, a bronze medallion three inches in diameter and bearing a relief of the Bowman Hall tower, the name of Stout, and the motto “Learning, Skill, Industry, and Honor,” is presented annually to seniors who have contributed in student activities, leadership, and scholastic ability. A committee composed of faculty, administrators and students makes the selection. Only one percent of the student body is eligible to receive this award. To those who receive the Samuel E. Wood Medallion Award, it brings prestige and honor, as it is the highest nonacademic award a UW-Stout student can achieve. UW-STOUT SCHOLAR ATHLETE: The UW-Stout Scholar Athlete Award is given to student athletes with a cumulative 3.5 grade point average in the semester preceding their final season of eligibility. The medallion presented to each of the senior Scholar Athletes was designed in 2012 by former Blue Devil student athletes Kate Mikutowski and Zak Snell. In addition, a large action poster of each senior Scholar Athlete will be displayed in the Sports and Fitness Center during the upcoming year. Honors are subject to final report.

Please withhold your applause until all of the graduates from each college have been presented.

*Please stand as you are able.

†As a courtesy to the graduates, all guests are requested to remain in their seats during the ceremony. A professional photographer will photograph each graduate as they cross the stage. The firm will send a free digital color proof to each graduate in approximately 10 days; they may keep the proof, whether or not an order is placed. There will be opportunities to take photographs in the fieldhouse, following the ceremony.


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