Employer Recruitment Guide



Art & Design Week Share your Experience, review portfolios, and network with faculty and undergraduate students in our six Art & Design Majors for this NACE/Chevron award winning event . Occurs each spring semester

BENEFITS OF HOSTING A STUDENT: • Trained, motivated workers • Students with special skills for projects • Qualified students to meet needs for increased business or seasonal demands • Improved access to special populations • Develop a pool of qualified candidates building a pipeline to potential professional employees • Decreased cost of recruitment and training • Improved employee retention • Exposure to a talented pool of students who are eager and ready to learn while bringing, enthusiasm, fresh perspectives, energy, and value into the company RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CO-OP AND INTERNSHIP SITE SUPERVISOR: • Provide a supervised work experience • Provide a position description • Select student through your own hiring process • Supervise and evaluate on-site performance of student

Cooperative Education and Internship Program at the University of Wisconsin-Stout integrates career-related work experience with academic coursework. Our program is centrally coordinated through the Career Services office in cooperation with the academic departments of the university. The Co-op and Internship program supports UW-Stout’s polytechnic designation by providing students the opportunity to experience an active and applied focus on learning their professional field. The success of the Co op and Internship program is based on a framework of collaborative partnerships between employers, students, and the university.

Winter Job Shadow Program Employers get the chance to share knowledge with students about thier company, position, and the industry. Each experience is scheduled at the discretion of the employer over Winter Break. Program Advisory Committees All academic programs (undergraduate and graduate) have dedicated advisory committees. The primary functions of these committees are to advise and assist on multiple matters related to curriculum,students, industry trends and more. Committees meet once each semester or more frequently as needed. More information can be found on the website.

6 Tips to Attract Top Talents

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Recruit early (6-12 months in advance). Present in classrooms to build your brand on campus. Connect with student organizations. Develop strong position descriptions (exposure to leadership, responsibility, projects, and networking). Support students in locating housing/relocating. Offer competitive wages

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VISIT OUR WEBSITE: https://www.uwstout. edu/academics/ career-services/ cooperative-education and-internship-program/ employer-co-op-and internship-information


Faculty Connections The Career Services Employer Relations team can help you build relationships with UW-Stout program directors and faculty. If you are interested in a particular program, we are happy to provide you with contact information. We cannot guarantee classroom presentations. This is at the discretion of the faculty member.

Student Organizations UW-Stout has 150+ student organizations. Many organizations welcome employers to present at their meetings or event. This is a great way to connect with a target group of students who are interested in your organization/ industry. See a full list of UW Stout student organizations on page 15.

Work experience is at least 8 weeks and students enroll in Fall, Spring, and/or Summer terms

Students do major related work within the guidelines of their Academic Program

Courses are for academic credit

Students work in positions located on-campus, off campus, in-state, out of state, and internationally

Paid (W2 only)

Unpaid & Paid (i.e,W-2,10-99,Stipend)

32 hrs per week / 320+ hrs per term

Weekly hrs vary / 80+ hrs per term

Student status determined by enrolled credits

Full-time student status awarded



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