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How to Write Skill Statements




correct tense) 1.

Think of a skill or benefit that you: a. Have used b. Have acquired c. Can offer

Now ask yourself: task/results a. How did I gain or use this skill? b. Why or for what reason? c. To what extent/any results I can show?

Think of an action verb (Use

Example Skill Statements

+ +

+ +

Verb Enhanced Verb Developed

Skill Communication Skills Skill Time Management

Task By working one-on-one with students to develop better study skills. Task By prioritizing tasks in order to increase productivity.

Skill Statements

Top Skills Employers Seek

According to National Association of Colleges and Employers 1. Problem solving

Basic Demonstrated excellent communication skills by waiting on tables. Advanced Greeted customers and placed orders while continually communicating with patrons, kitchen staff and managers. Advanced with results Served customers by accurately communicating food orders and employing sales techniques to increase by 10%.

2. Analytical/Quantitative 3. Ability to work in a team 4. Written communication 5. Initiative 6. Strong work ethic 7. Technical skills 8. Flexibility/Adaptability 9. Detail-oriented 10. Leadership 11. Verbal Communication 12. Interpersonal skills (NACE Job Outlook 2022 and 2021)

Action Verbs

Separated Showed Solved Specified Spoke

Adapted Addressed Administered Advised Analyzed Arbitrated Arranged Assembled

Classified Coached Collected

Delegated Developed Devised Diagnosed Directed Drafted Edited Enabled

Evaluated Examined Executed Expedited Extracted Fabricated Facilitated Fashioned Formulated

Honed Identified Illustrated Imagined Implemented Improved Increased Influenced Inspected Inspired Instructed Integrated Interpreted

Interfaced Introduced Invented Lectured Managed Maintained Mediated Moderated Monitored Motivated Negotiated Operated Organized

Originated Performed Persuaded Prepared Planned

Purchased Recognized Recommended Reconciled Recorded Recruited Referred Rehabilitated Remodeled Represented Reviewed Scheduled Screened

Completed Computed Conserved Constructed Conversed Coordinated Counseled Created

Succeeded Supervised Systematized Taught Trained Transcribed

Prescribed Prioritized Processed Produced Programmed

Assigned Attained Authored Calculated Clarified

Encouraged Engineered Enlisted Enhanced Established

Founded Gathered Guided Handled

Projected Promoted Publicized

Translated Upgraded Wrote

Critiqued Designed


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