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Student Name Address, city, state, zip Email: iwantthisjob@uwstout.edu Cell: (111) 111-1111

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Date Name Title Company Name Address City, State Zip Dear (First Name & Last Name) :


Name of employer contact person Title Company Address City, State ZIP

Please accept this letter of application for the position of ____________ recently posted on www.thecompanywebsite.com. I am a highly qualified candidate and I look forward to bringing practical experience, advanced training, and my passion for leadership to XYZ Company. I am excited for the opportunity to apply for this position and I have a variety of experiences that make me an excellent fit. Some of my qualifications include: • One year of industrial experience involving maintenance and operations • Pursuing an Bachelor of Science Degree in ________________ at UW-Stout (junior status) • Exceeds performance standards of supervisors; proven on multiple performance evaluations • Dependable employee who is consistently prepared to perform required duties • Experienced at working in cross-functional teams proven by successfully completing 4-7 group projects per semester while studying at UW-Stout Enclosed for your review and consideration is my resume, which demonstrates how I have successfully used the skills and abilities that have been requested by XYZ Company. I am enthusiastic and positive about my career potential. I look forward to meeting challenges and exceeding expectations by maintaining my commitment to excellence, accountability and professionalism. Please allow me the opportunity to interview with you, or the appropriate individuals, at a time and place convenient to your schedule. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please feel free to contact me at iwantthisjob@uwstout.edu or (111) 111-1111. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Sign your name (or leave blank if sending in an email) Type your name

Dear (First Name & Last Name) : First Paragraph: • Tell the employer why you are writing to them. • Name the position, field or general career area in which you are interested. • Provide an overview of the skills that you will be able to contribute to the company and/or position. Middle Paragraph(s): • Explain why you are interested in the position, employer and general field. • Provide evidence of what makes you qualified. Mention your co-op experience, education, significant class projects and volunteer activities as well as technical programs or lab experiences. Closing Paragraph: • Close by making a request for an opportunity to continue to communicate with the employer. • Thank the employer for the opportunity and if you intend to follow-up with them, indicate your time frame (and then be sure to follow-through!). • Include your phone number and email address.

Sincerely, Sign with your name (or leave blank if sending an email) Type your name

Sample Application Cover Letter

Sample Thank-You Email

101 North Broadway Menomonie, WI 54751

Dear (First Name & Last Name) : Thank you for taking the time to interview me at the University of Wisconsin-Stout on (date). I enjoyed talking with you and learning more about the mechanical design position with Worldwide Automation and Control. As you recall from our interview, I have experience as a Co-op/intern with Honeywell IAC. I have also taken advanced classes in industrial design at University of Wisconsin-Stout. I greatly enjoy this career field and wish to apply my interest and knowledge to Worldwide Automation and Control. Again, thank you for the opportunity to interview with you. I look forward to speaking with you again soon.

April 22, 2022 Ann Application Human Resources Manager XYZ Company 102 North Broadway Menomonie, WI 54751 Dear Donna Application:

Please accept this letter and resume as my application for the Brand Development Position with Building Brands. My educational background in Cross-Media Graphics Management, in addition to my co-op experience working in project management and consulting make me a very strong candidate for this position. I will contribute to this position by providing new and creative ideas, a commitment to practices that encourage collaboration, and a customer focused mindset that builds strong client relationships. In my co-op position with ABC Company, I was part of a team that developed the online brand of a newly created company. My role in this project was to meet with the client to discuss their creative vision, and relay that information to my colleagues in order to develop innovative options for logos and websites. I presented the ideas to the client and used our market research data for their target demographics to explain the direction we went with our branding concepts. Ultimately, we created a successful and well-coordinated launch of the client’s online brand. I also successfully led a project that contributed to client retention by creating work-flow efficiencies. The result of analyzing the progression of orders as they moved through the graphic design department was an improved process that increased work-flow efficiency by 20%. This project required a high degree of attention to detail and the ability to communicate effectively with multiple departments. I am excited for the opportunity to contribute to Building Brands because of your commitment to using creativity and innovative practices to help businesses grow. I look forward to discussing the Brand Development position with you. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact me at 333-555-4444 or at stoutstudent@my.uwstout.edu. Sincerely, Sign with your name (or leave blank if sending an email) Type your name


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