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Create a Resume For help with your resume, visit the Career Services website or make an appointment with a Career Counselor to review your documents. Print plenty of copies of your resume to hand out to employers. Be aware that some employers do not accept hard copy resumes as an application. Research Employers You will need to research the employers attending to make the best impact and strongest impression. Some tips below on how to research companies include: • Visit employer websites for information on job openings and qualifications, specific recruitment or professional programs for students, as well as history, size, location and products/ services. • Login to your Handshake account to view the event details and company contacts/positions. • You can also view employer profiles through the Handshake app. Be An Active Participant Maximize your Career Conference experience; don’t just browse. Interact professionally with the recruiters and representatives to learn and connect. You may not have time to speak with every employer, so make a list of the ones that most interest you and visit those booths first. Look and Listen What questions are others asking? What answers are they receiving? There is nothing wrong with subtle eavesdropping. You might even pick up valuable information in addition to witnessing some real-life career search “do’s and don’ts”. Don’t Interrupt If someone else is monopolizing an employer’s time, try to make eye contact with the employer/recruiter to let them know you are interested in speaking with them. If all else fails, move to the next booth and make a note to come back later. Take Notes Write down any important information you receive from employers. Ask for cards from anyone who helped you so that you can spell their names correctly when you follow up. Interviews During the Conference To sign up for employer interviews, you will need to visit the recruiters at their company booth during the conference and you may be offered a time slot. When granted an interview, you will be given a yellow card that includes the employers name, date, time and location of your interview. Please review the No-Show/ Cancellation policy prior to accepting any interviews. During the Career Conference

Identify the Day for Your Major You are encouraged to attend all days of the conference. In Handshake, view an employers profile to see all days that they may be attending Career Conference. Professional Attire You will make a better impression dressed professionally than you will dressed in your casual clothing. Learn more about interviewing in this guide and visit LinkedIn Learning for a curated learning path. Prepare for Interviews Employers use the Career Conference to pre-screen applicants for interviews to be conducted later (either on campus or at the employer’s site). To prepare for those interviews, review the interviewing section of this guide (page 40).

The 30-Second Introduction Examples in the networking section of this guide! TIP: Make sure to express enthusiasm when you greet employers. A handshake is customary in western professional culture, but you may respectfully decline. Questions to Ask at the Career Conference • What are the job responsibilities for the position? • What are the biggest challenges for this position? • How does your organization train its new employees? • What is a typical career path for individuals in this position? • What are the skills and attributes you value most in your employees? • Are there specific courses or other requirements you look for in prospective employees? • What do you enjoy most about working for the organization? • Can you suggest anything I can do to improve my chance of employment? • May I contact you with further questions? • I am a ___ major. What job opportunities would I qualify for? • Do you know someone in your organization that works in the ____ department? Would it be possible for me to set up an informational interview with that person?


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