Employment Guide


Preparing for your Virtual Interview

Knocking your virtual interview out of the park is critical. Here are some NON run-of-the-mill tips for preparing for your virtual interview.

Test Your Technology Don’t be surprised by a tech fail. Make a trail run with a friend to be sure your audio and video is on point.

Dress To Impress At least from the waist up, you should be proffesional. Dressing head-to-toe in business garb can give you a confidence boost even if no one sees it but you. Post Your Resume If you tape your materials to the wall behind the computer, you can look straight ahead when you refer to them rather than constantly looking down at notes on your desk Be Likable and Engaging Let your personality shine in the interview. Don’t be excessively formal. Video technology should not interfere with establishing a rapport with the interviewer. Stay Calm Video glitches happen. Your reaction can give the interviewer insight into how you handle problems thrown at you on the job. Send Them a Thank-You Don’t miss this opportunity to address any open issues or emphasize your strong points. It is the last chance to sell yourself and it is expected.

Turn Off Your Notifications Close other programs, too. Beeping and instant messaging is distracting to you and the interviewer. Control Your Environment Close the door on pets and children if you can. Make sure the background is professional or, at least, uncluttered. Check The Lighting Face your light source directly. Sunlight is great or place a lamp about six feet in front of you. A cloth over the light can soften the glare. Position Yourself Correctly Place the computer higher than desk height, so you are not looking downward. Sit far enough back from your computer to frame your upper body.


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