Employment Guide


Self Evaluation Form Don’t forget to evaluate yourself! What did you learn from the interview that can help during your next interview? Use this assessment to prepare and also assess both your nonverbal and verbal communication after the interview. Non-Verbal Communication Excellent

Good Needs Improvement

Rate Yourself On... Direct Eye Contact Appropriate Appearance/Attire Upright Posture

Friendly Demeanor/Smile Conveyed Self-confidence Arrived on time Verbal Communication Did You.... Avoid saying umm, like, I mean, you know Avoid slang terms Articulate relevant skills and accomplishments Communicate well-defined career goals Express ideas clearly Use the S.T.A.R. Technique Emphasize your strong points

Other Questions to Consider Did you adequately research the company? Were you prepared to answer tough questions? Could you comfortably discuss any aspect of your resume? How well did you describe past experiences? Did you criticize a former employer, friend, colleague or were you able to remain positive?

What will you do different next time? __________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What went well? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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