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Phone interviews are often used to screen candidates to narrow the pool of applicants who will be invited. They are also used to minimize the expenses involved in interviewing out of town candidates. 1. Find a distraction free environment that you feel comfortable in 2. Be sure to have a full battery and good signal, use a land line if possible 3. Speak clearly into the phone. 4. Its okay to have a “cheat sheet” with key points as well as your resume and the job description on hand. Phone Interviews There are many different types of interviews. In general, you will prepare for each in the same way as a traditional interview by researching and practicing. These additional tips may help for alternative interview formats. Video Based Interviews Video interviews are a way for employers to assess job candidates on their qualifications, soft skills, and more during the hiring process. Video interviews are usually implemented as a preliminary interview meaning that the final hiring decision isn’t usually made until later in the process. 1. Test your tech! Webcam, connection, audio all needs to be working 2. Be aware of your background, simple and neutral is best 3. Dress professionally, have good posture, speak clearly and look into the camera, not the images on the screen Technical Interviews Essentially, it’s part of an interview to assess your technical ability, usually related to the technical knowledge required for the role and the organization you wish to work for. Technical questions can incorporate drawing, sketching, coding or even a written test. 1. Refresh the technical skills you shared on your resume and mentally prepare based on the job description 2. Ask clarifying questions and take their advice, it shows problem solving and collaboration 3. Talk out your reasoning and problem-solving process

Always follow up with a thank you note!


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