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Offers & Negotiation Deadline

It is essential to understand the employer’s deadline for accepting a job offer. Honor the presented timeline by following through on next steps/requests. If you let the timeline lapse, employers will most likely move on to other qualified candidates. Can I ask for more time to make a decision? Yes, be prepared to explain why you need additional time and articulate how much time you will need. Employers may not be able to give you more time so be prepared to make a decision. Handling Multiple Offers You may receive an offer from one employer before your preferred employer extends an offer. Let your first-choice employer know you have received an offer from your less desired employer. Explain that they are your first-choice employer. This level of transparency may help your first-choice employer adjust their timeline if possible. If the timelines cannot be synchronized, be prepared to make a thoughtful decision about what to do next. Ethically, you should not accept a job offer with the intention of finding a new or better offer in future.

How to ask for more time/delay decision; Sample Letter

Things to include: × Specify the date on when you wish to respond × Briefly explain why you need more time × Ask if extension date is convenient for the employer × T hank employer for the offer and the interest shown in you

Dear Mr./Ms. _________:

This letter is to acknowledge and thank you for your offer of employment (date). That communication invited me to join (employer name) Production Management Department at a monthly salary of (salary amount). While your offer of employment is most attractive, I feel that it would be to our mutual advantage to delay action with respect to this opportunity until (date). This should provide me with ample time to evaluate all opportunities and to make a more informed decision both for your corporation and myself. If this date is not convenient, please let me know. Your offer is most attractive, and I thank you for the interest you have shown in me.

Thank you for your consideration and understanding.


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