Employment Guide

Offers & Negotiation

Offers & Negotiation

KnowWhen to Negotiate Negotiating will occur between the time an offer is made and the job is accepted. Many students want to hurry and accept the job then deal with issues regarding wages, leave time or other benefits. Once you accept the job offer your opportunity to negotiate has passed; you have lost all of your negotiating power. You should strongly consider negotiating your job offer when the salary you are offered is lower than your worth/value or the benefits do not align with your personal expectations.

Believe it or not, salary is not the only item up for negotiation. When the salary is non-negotiable, or you personally have different needs than presented in the job offer, it’s important to understand that you have other options to negotiate. These may include: KnowWhat to Negotiate

• Relocation Benefits • Flextime/Schedule • Bonuses (signing or performance) • Employee Discounts/ Perks

• Pension • Retirement Savings • Personal Time Off (vacation/sick) • Professional Development

• Start Date • Work From Home • Salary Review Timeline • Insurance (health, dental, vision)


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