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KnowWhen To Say When Offers & Negotiation

If you feel the employer is getting frustrated with your proposals and is unwilling to move on salary or benefits all you can do is evaluate what is on the table. Thank them for the conversation, let them know you will consider the current offer as final and you plan to make a decision by the deadline date provided.

Sample objections Employer – “It’s not within our budget.” Response – Communicate your value and begin to think outside of salary.

Employer – “Others in the organization with similar qualifications and experience aren’t paid that much.” Response – Emphasize fair compensation for expected performance based on value and include abor market data.

Employer – “Our salary history does not justify such an increase.” Response – Stress that you expect to be compensated for the value of your work and what you expect to achieve within the company. Compare offer to data pointing to needing a higher salary.

RESPOND IN WRITING VIA THE EMPLOYER DIRECTIONS AND PROVIDE UPDATES ON YOUR NEW EMPLOYMENT STATUS • Often times employees are expected to sing a contract along with other essential hiring documents. Remember to keep a personal copy. If paperwork/Signatures are required use sample “Accept a Job Offer Letter”. • If you have other applications or interviews pending with other employers, let them know you have accepted an offer and have your name withdrawn from further consideration.

RESPOND IN WRITING • Formally Contact the employer by email. Show appreciation for the offer and state you are declining the offer. Sample “Decline a Job Offer Email”. • Decline offers as soon as you are no longer interested or immediately after being hired. Don not drag your feet, employers want to invest their time and energy into candidates that are available and interested in their positions.

• Update your professional references and thank them for their support • Report your co-op and professional positions to Career Services SAMPLE EMAIL FOR ACCEPTING A JOB OFFER ON PAGE 26!


• It is unethical to accept a job with the intention of backing out hoping to find something better. Reneging reflects poorly on you as a professional, your academic program, Career Services and UW-Stout. • Employers spend thousands of dollars to hire Co-op and professional positions. They expect you to be ethical throughout the process • Set yourself up for success. Recruiters have large professional networks and change positions and employers regularly. The knowledge of you unethical behavior will follow you in your professional life. • If you are considering backing out of a job offer, schedule an appointment with your career counselor as soon as possible

IN A TIGHT JOB MARKET, EMPLOYERS MAY USE QUESTIONABLE TACTICS. EXPLODING OFFERS HAVE A SHORT FUSE, MEANING STUDENTS FACE HIGH PRESSURE TO MAKE QUICK DECISIONS WHICH LESSENS THE OPPORTUNITY FOR COMPETING OFFERS. EXAMPLES: • An employer offers the position to more candidates than openings then hires on first come, first served basis. • Employers offer signing bonus to candidates who accept fast (24-48 hours) • Employers require students to accept positions on a very short timeline and deny request for more time. IF FACED WITH AN EXPLODING OFFER, SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT OR PHONE CALL

Employed? Grad School? Other Plans? It is important to UW-Stout to know what graduates are doing after graduation. Please complete UW-Stout’s First Destination Survey located @ https://www.uwstout.edu/academics/career-services


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