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College to Career

Six tips for going from college to career

1 Understand the expectations This can be as simple as understanding your bosses preferred mode of communication, to what you are expected to do on a given team. 2 Ask Questions This helps with understanding expectations! Don’t assume something. Once you’ve established your career, you’ll develop good professional intuition. 3 Establish Good Work Habits a. Show up on time to both work and meetings b. Make your space neat and organized c. Keep personal calls and distractions to a minimum d. Meet deadlines and do the job

6 Set a Budget and Stick to it Understand your benefits and everything on your paycheck. Check out clearpoint.org/ tools/budget-calculator/ for a good budgeting calculator. 5 Get to Know Your Colleagues You are now spending 40+ hours a week with these folks, get to know them. Knowing your coworkers helps you work as a team, and the larger success of the organization. 4 Adapt to Company Culture Are they business casual or do they wear suits? Do they turn cameras on or keep them off during virtual meetings? Observing your co workers can help, but know their expectations might not be exactly the same as yours until you are a proven employee.

College vs. Career


Infrequent and less specific feedback

Structured Schedule

Flexible Schedule

Frequent Breaks and Time off

Limited time off

Directions dictated by others

Individual control over time, classes and interests

A Level work needed

Can perform work at A, B, or C level

Individual focused on your development and growth

Focus on getting results for the organization

Individual effort

Team effort

“Right” answers

Few “right” answers



Steps and assignments often structured for you

Lots of self-initiative required


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