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Life at Stout: Get to Know Campus!


Action Required See inside for details.






Questions on How to Start Your Experience?

University Housing 170 Price Commons

Campus Card Office 110 Price Commons

University Dining 160 Price Commons






LEARN MORE ABOUT WHAT STOUT HAS TO OFFER! > Let us help you find the resources you need to make a smooth transition this fall.

> STEP 1

> STEP 4

> Select your room and dining plan. > See instructions on PAGE 4

> Get involved on campus.

> Apply for campus jobs/See PAGE 12 > Explore involvement/See PAGE 13 > University Recreation/See PAGE 21

> STEP 2

> View your room assignment, dining plan, and roommate information on the Housing Gateway.

> STEP 5

> Review transportation & campus parking options.

> See instructions on PAGE 6

> See PAGE 18

> STEP 3

> Explore room/building and move-in information.

> STEP 6

> Get connected to campus resources. > Inclusivity/See PAGE 15 > Business Services/See PAGE 17 > Transferring health care/See PAGE 23 > University Dining/See PAGE 19 > Campus Directory/See PAGE 24

Change of Plans? If you are no longer planning to attend UW-Stout, log onto the Housing Gateway using Step 2 (above) and select Cancel My Future Contract.




04-05 Room Selection




Residence Hall Information

Move-In Details

Campus Jobs

13-14 Getting Involved





Business Services


19-20 University Dining

21-22 University Recreation



Transferring Care

Campus Directory

Coming in August

Start Your Experience Take the first steps in preparing for your arrival in the fall by selecting your Room, Roommate Preferences, and Dining Plan for the upcoming school year.

Get To Know Campus Become more familiar with campus and learn about a variety of resources available for you. Find a campus job, purchase a fitness membership, or get involved with a student organization.

See You Soon As the fall semester approaches, you will receive Move-in Instructions and Week One Orientation Details. This is the final step in making a smooth transition to your Life@Stout.

Life@Stout Ready for your life at Stout? This booklet, designed by students, will give you a glimpse of the services and opportunities that will make up your new Life@Stout.



A SPACE TO CALL YOUR OWN. > Sharing your preferences lets others know the ideal living arrangement for you.

> Room Selection Tips

> We encourage you to have a few room options in mind. > Depending on your time, your first few preferences may not be available. Having several options in mind helps you to make a quick decision on the next option. (Reminder: your room selection time is based on when you signed your contract and paid your prepayment)

> Selecting a Room

> Step 1

> Check your UW-Stout email for detailed directions that include a video on room selection steps.

> Step 2

> Go to:

> Use your UW-Stout username and password to log onto the site.

> Step 3

> At or after your selection time, select Pick My Future Room.

> Once you have assigned yourself to a room, you will immediately receive an email confirmation. Review your room and meal plan assignments and your roommate(s) on the Housing Gateway by selecting My Room and Plan Assignments on the home page. > If your desired roommate is also an incoming student, you can assign your desired roommate at your selection time if space is available, and if your are in a completed (all have accepted) roommate group. Follow the directions to assign your desired roommate if you have one. > The system will only let you see rooms that are available to you. > Follow the directions to select your room.

> Step 4




THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT HALL SELECTION! > Residence halls are very similar in both set up and programmatic offerings. Most students choose any of the halls but items listed below may impact your decision.

> Living Communities are in specific locations. When you click on a Living Community, you only see rooms in that community. You need to have been selected for the Living Community to select a room.

> CKTO, HKMC, AF, A & C cubes in South Hall are all single gender living spaces. (The floor’s cube is a single gender.) North Hall & B cube in South Hall are mixed gender living spaces. (Individual rooms are single gender but the floor/cube in mixed gender)

> Double extended rooms are available in HKMC. Double extended rooms are limited.

> Single rooms are NOT available at this time.

> Things to Know About Roommate Groups > Being in a roommate group doesn’t mean you are in a room together. You still need to pick your room, but being in a group allows you to assign your desired roommate if a space is available. > Any roommate can assign the group. Make sure that everyone has accepted your group though, being invited to the group doesn’t mean you are in a group. > If you aren’t a group at room selection time, that’s okay. You will just look for half-open rooms (Rooms with someone in them already.) to pick your roommate.



IS EVERYTHING IN ORDER? > View your room selection, roommate info & dining plan

> View Your Room Assignment & Plans

> Step 1

> Go to: > Use your UW-Stout username & password to log onto the site.

> Step 2

> Select My Room and Plan Assignments :

> Room Assignments > Building, bed space, room number, type of room & your address.

> Roommate(s) > Dining Dollars & Campus Cash Funds > Locked Room Passcode

> Contact Your Roommate Before Arrival

> You will use this password to gain access to your spare keys if you lock yourself out of your room.

> Note: in some fields you may see items listed more than once with different move-in/out or start/end times this indicates that you have room & plan assignments for the drop-off period and Spring Semester.

> Your roommate’s contact info is listed under My Room and Plan Assignments on the Housing Gateway . Connect with your roommate to coordinate what you will need to bring to your room. > Note: Roommate assignments can change. Please check the Housing Gateway periodically to review the status of your roommate assignment.




PLANNING YOUR PERFECT ROOM > With multiple room options, you can make UW-Stout your home away from home.

> Double Room

> Lofts

11' x 15' x 7'8" (L x W x H)




> Lofts are included in each dorm room. > 12 different levels so that you can put it at a height you are comfortable with. > Set up your beds as bunks if you prefer that arrangement. > If you want to put a futon or couch under your loft, it should be 80” long or less. > The distance from the floor to the top of your lofted mattress is 72”.




















Double Extended Room < Triple Room < 11' x 15' x 7'8" (L x W x H) > The Double Extended and Triple room layouts are the same, a Triple room has three students and a Double Extended room only has two. Some Double Extended rooms will have three sets of furniture that will remain in the room.

* At this time we do NOT anticipate being able to offer single rooms.

Non-Movable Furniture

Movable Furniture

> Room Size & Furnishings

> Above are examples of student room layouts. The dimensions are approximate and each room may vary. Students living in Antrim, Chinnock, Fleming, Froaggatt, Hansen, Hovlid, Keith, McCalmont, Milnes, North & South have movable dressers, desks & bookcases. > There is no need to bring a refrigerator or microwave as each room in furnished with a microfridge that includes a microwave, fridge and freezer. > The average size of a double room is 11’ x 15’.



> Room Decorating > To help make plans for your new home, we want to provide you with some information to make it a smooth process:

> There must be a 30” wide by 72” tall path of egress from the door to the window. > The distance from the top of the mattress to the ceiling must be at least 25”

> Lofts may not be placed across the window.

> These room furnishing may NOT be moved or disconnected.

> Closets, walls, and doors

> Smoke detectors

> Desks and bookshelves (except in Antrim, Chinnock, Fleming, Froggatt, Hansen, Hovlid, Keith, McCalmont, Milnes, North and South Halls)

> The following are considered fire hazards and are NOT permitted:

X Hangings or decorations of combustible material such as cloth, flags, fishnets, wall hangings, crepe paper, Styrofoam, etc. X Natural vegetation of combustible nature such as Christmas trees, evergreen boughs, leaves, birch logs, etc. (Houseplants are fine)

X Multiple plug-ins or extension cords with multiple plug-ins (use power strips) X Toasters, toaster ovens, and appliances with exposed heating elements.

X The use and storage of flammable materials. X Candles or incense. No open flame objects (lit or unlit)

X The possession or use of fireworks, gunpowder, or explosive materials

X tampering with or altering any electrical outlets or light switches (including dimmer switches and installing additional wiring.)

> Computer Service

> All rooms and lounges have WIFI. Students will be issued a laptop and will not need to purchase any additional equipment.

> Renter’s Insurance

> We strongly encourage you to have a renter’s insurance policy, if you are not already covered by a preexisting policy (some home/renter’s insurance will cover dependent’s college housing.)




LAUNDRY & VENDING > Each residence hall has a laundry room equipped with several laundry machines and a sink for hand washing. Washers and dryers cost $1.00 per cycle and will work with Baseline Plus Funds from your Stout BlueCard (your ID card).

We recommend that you use laundry detergent pods. Stout has front-loading washers which require less soap than top loading machines, so plan to use less laundry detergent.

Please do not use the 3-in-1 laundry sheets (they jam up the machines). Vending machines in each hall have a variety of snacks and beverages. They accept Campus Cash funds from your Stout BlueCard as well as dollars and coins. AIR CONDITIONERS > Students are allowed to bring AC units that specifically meet the requirements outlined by the university. An additional cost of $100 per academic year is applied to the student’s account for those with an AC unit. For information about AC unit requirements and to apply, follow the directions below.

1. Login to the Housing Gateway 2. Select Apply for Air Conditioner

Note: Red Cedar, South Hall, McCalmont and North are already temperature controlled and individual AC units are not allowed.




> Hall Staff

> Staff are available to assist you in the halls. To contact staff while on campus call 715-232-3333

> Live in Hall Staff

> Live-in staff are also available to help you while at Stout. > RLC: Resident Life Coordinator > Professional full time staff who live in the halls. > RA: Resident Advisor > Student staff that live within the community and serve as a resource for students. > ARC: Academic Resource Coordinator > Student staff members that live in the halls that provide academic resources and support.

> Front Desks

> Front desks are open 10am-10pm, below are the services offered by the front desks in each hall.

> Equipment rental such as cooking equipment, tools, vacuums, sporting equipment and games.

> Free black and white double sided printing or for a small fee single sided colored printing.

> Garbage bags for your room.

> Package pick-up


>Assistance from staff.

Student Name 1110 Broadway St. South Hall and Room Number

Menomonie, WI 54751

Note: Please do not send mail that will be delivered prior to your arrival.





> In Mid/late July you will get sent more detailed information about the move in process. Move in will occur Between August 24 and September 1. You will have an opportunity to select a day and time for your move in. On your move in day you will be able to set up your room, explore campus and Menomonie so that you can have a relaxing day when you return to campus for Week One between 3pm–7pm on Sunday, September 1. If you would like to stay on campus once you move in you can do so as well but most students will set up their room and return right as Week One starts.

> what not to bring:

> You provide:

> We provide you with:

X Pets (except fish) X Large, loud stereos X Alcohol (if under 21) X Illegal drugs X Candles

Alarm clock Extra lighting/lamps Personal safe Shower shoes & caddy Bathrobe, bath towel, hand towel Laundry supplies Insurance cards Bed linens, blanket, pillow (twin XL)

> Loft, bed, mattress > Desk & chair > Mirror > Computer & cable TV jack > Carpeting > Smoke detector > Dresser > Closet with shelf & clothes bar > Bookshelf > Trash & recycling containers > Refrigerator/freezer/microwave unit

X Toasters, toaster ovens etc. X Firearms or other weapons

Coax cable Cellphone Cleaning supplies



> Find emplyment opportunities all around campus! LOOKING FOR A JOB?

> Many departments offer employment opportunities throughout the year. Use Handshake to search and apply for campus jobs. University Housing & University Dining, two of the largest student employers on campus are taking applications right now! Apply for Housing and Dining positions by July for full consideration in initial hiring times!

> Campus Employment Benefits: > Regular paycheck > Meet new friends > Flexible work Schedules > Walk to work > Work study or payroll offered

> University Housing

> Desk Assistant: $9.50/hour - Each hall has a front desk staffed by student. Desk Assistants provide services for residents at the front desk. They assist with the recycling and composting program and aid in snow removal during the winter. > Facilities Assistant: $10.00/hour - Students assist University Housing custodians with general hall cleaning such as vacuuming and washing surfaces. Applications can be found on the Housing Gateway under Work for Housing.

> University Dining

> Student Employee: $11/hour - Employing many students, numerous food service positions exist throughout campus.

> Student Manager: $13/hour

> Meal & beverages provided when minimum requirements are met > Opportunity for advancement to Student Manager > Flexible scheduling around classes and other commitments.




DISCOVER AMAZING OPPORTUNITIES! > No matter what path you choose, the Involvement Center has you covered

> UW-Stout has you covered for involvement opportunities. With a wide variety of programs, events and initiatives, we make it easy to find something that you’ll love. Stick with something you’ve always had a passion for. Or, try something new entirely. The choice is yours. Learn more at

> With more than 150 student organizations there is something for everyone. If not, students are fully encouraged to start their own organizations. > Join orgs for every major > Try a new hobby > Find a community of people > Meet New Friends & Find Something That You Love!

> Campus Life Today is the daily email for all UW-Stout students keeping you informed on campus events, student orgs and important announcements. What for it Monday - Friday during the academic year for ways to get connected to campus!



GET CONNECTED! > CONNECT is UW-Stout’s official student engagement platform. It’s the bes place to find out what’s happening on campus, search & join student organizations & stay connected to campus resources. > Search campus events & check-in when you arrive > Explore & join our 150+ student organizations > Access resources that simplify campus life > Laundry view, bus tracker, dining menus, rideshare, MyUW, BlueCard balances & much more.

> Search “Stout CONNECT” > Download the app > Login with your UW-Stout username & password (Your username is the first part of your email) > Get CONNECT On Your Smartphone

> Get CONNECT On Your Computer

> Go to UW-Stout’s login page on the main website > Click “CONNECT” and login

> Once Logged in, Do the Following:

> Update your profile! Add a photo, bio, social media links, etc. Show campus who you are! > Search for something you’ll love! Explore campus events and student organizations that interest you! > Explore resources in the menu! Learn the tools and resources that you’ll use daily as a Stout Student!




> We work hard to give every student the best possible opportunity to thrive and reach their individual goals at UW-Stout STOUT STRIVES FOR INCLUSIVE EXCELLENCE

> Offices supporting our diverse & under represented student populations > Disability Services > Disability Services is committed to creating equal access and opportunity to all campus programs and services for persons with disabilities.

> At UW-Stout, we believe that diversity strengthens our community and that our student identities are multifaceted and inter-sectional. Our campus strives to foster a social justice model in which we actively engage diversity and see it as critical to our university identity. At UW-Stout, you are valued.

> Fostering Success

> Fostering Success provides guidance and resources for students who have been in foster care, homeless or orphaned and who have an interest in pursuing higher education.

> The Qube

> Our students’ diverse identities include, but are not limited to:

> The Qube offers resources, programs, and support initiatives for LGBTQIA+ students and allies.

Ethnic & racial identities Sexual & Gender Identities First generation college student status

Students with disabilities Socio-economic status

> Multicultural Student Services (MSS)

> MSS offers programs and services that support African American, American Indian, Asian and Latino students in achieving academic success.

> Student Support Services

> Student Support Services provides academic tutoring, personalized advising and support, tuition waived courses, and leadership opportunities to first-generation students, students who meet federal low-income criteria, and students with disabilities. * Student Support Services is funded by two federal TRIO grants and this funding accounts for 100% of the project’s total costs.



CULTURAL STUDENT ORGS! > Student organizations that explore culture and identity play an integral role on campus by providing students and opportunity to learn and grow through interaction with one another. Organizations are open and welcoming to ALL students!

> Black Student Union > Gender & Sexuality Alliance

> Hmong Stout Student Organization > Native American Student Organization > International Club > Lationos Unidos > Chinese Culture Association




STUDENT BUSINESS SERVICES > 2023-2024 Payment Due Dates

> Payment Options

> Minnesota Reciprocity

> Online/Mobile-electronic check or credit card

> The Minnesota Office of Higher Education and the State of Wisconsin have an agreement in which a student may attend a Wisconsin university and pay the same fees that they would pay to attend a Minnesota University.

> In-person (cash or check)

> Mail (check)

> Drop box (check)

> Submit a Minnesota reciprocity form: > Go to:

> Flywire (International students)

> Select Paying for College > Then Online Applications > Select Tuition Reciprocity > Fall 2024 - Summer 2025


FALL 2024

OCTOBER 11, 2024


JANUARY 17, 2025


FEBRUARY 28, 2025


JULY 17, 2025



GETTING YOU WHERE YOU NEED TO GO! > Students can easily live car-free while at UW-Stout. We offer a number of programs to ensure that students have multiple option to get around campus, Menomonie and the region.

> Fall 2024 Parking Permits available for purchase August 1st.

> Biking

> Bring your bike or rent one through our StoutBikes Bike share program. Park you bike in our outdoor racks, under our bike shelter, or rent a bike locker. To apply for a bike locker check the Housing Gateway.

> Bring your bike or rent one through our StoutBikes Bike share program. Park you bike in our outdoor racks, under our bike shelter, or rent a bike locker. To apply for a bike locker check the Housing Gateway. > You must have your housing assignment (if living in a residence hall) and be registered for classes prior to purchasing a permit. Permits can be purchased Online at and paid by credit card or adding to student billing. Note: Please contact Parking Services if any changes to your permit are needed. If your desired permit is sold out you may add yourself to the wait list and purchase a second choice permit type, if available.

> Buses

> Ride free campus & community buses, or for a fare, ride one of our regional buses to Minneapolis, Madison, Milwaukee & More!

> UW-Stout Rideshare

> Find other Stout students to carpool with at

Residence Hall Type of Permit

$120.00 Semester

$240.00 Yearly

Main Campus Residence Hall Reserved



North Campus Residence Hall Reserved





Main Campus Commuter



Commuter Permit (off campus)


Motorcycle/Moped Permit

Note: Short term parking permits available. Please visit the parking website for more information.




A DINING EXPERIENCE FOR EVERYONE > University Dining is committed to providing all students access to balanced choices in our dining locations. We support our students and guests in making informed choices by providing nutrition fact panels with ingredients and allergen information Online, nutrition counseling from our full-time registered dietitian, and a variety of educational resources throughout our locations.

> What’s on the menu?

> To review the menu, find nutrition and allergen information, check prices, or hours of operation, use the following resources:

My Plate Analysis

> (Click on the apple menu or nutrition information)


> Search for “Stout CONNECT” on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Kiosks & iPads

> Kiosks and iPads are located at each cafeteria and iPads are outside Student Center dining locations.

> Green-To-Go Program & To Go Meals

> The Green-To-Go program is free to all students living in residence halls and aims to minimize the use of disposable dinnerware for those wanting “to go” meals. > Compostable “to go” containers are also available in the cafeterias for you convenience and cons $0.80 per visit.

Note: Fall menus will begin September 1st.



> Students with medically required special diets are encouraged to be their own advocates and notify dining staff about their food allergies, intolerances, or health conditions. University Dining maintains a Special Diet Pantry which offers food options for students with specific dietary needs. Medical documentation for allergies or intolerances will be requested to ensure needs are thoroughly addressed. > Special Diet Pantry

Dining Locations:

Jarvis Hall Express

Blue Devil Market Brew Devils Fireside Cafe

Commons Cafeteria Commons Express

Harvey Hall Express

North Point Cafeteria North Point Mini-Mart

South Campus

North Campus

- Dining Locations

- Residence Halls

> Questions about Dining?

University Dining 160 Price Commons






> Find an activity that works with your lifestyle.

> Purchasing a Membership

> Membership Types

> Fitness

> Fitness and climbing memberships can be purchased online or in person at the Health & Fitness Center or Stout Adventures. > Go to: Shoppes@Stout > Select Stout Memberships > Choose the Urec or Stout Adventures store to see options

> Includes access to the Heath & Fitness Center, the 24/7 North Point Fitness center, and Group Exercise classes.

> Climbing Wall

> Includes access to Stout Adventures Climbing Wall, climbing gear, belay clinic, and instruction from Stout Adventures staff members.

> Open Recreation

> Students have free access to openly recreate in the Multi-Purpose Room, West Gym and Racquetball courts. Limited equipment is available for check out.

> Sports Clubs

> Alfresco, Blue Devil Lifting, Bowhunting, Bowling, Boxing, Clay Target Shooting, Climbing, Cycling, Disc Golf, Fly Fishing, Golf, Jogging, Men’s Hockey, Men’s Lacrosse, Men’s Rugby, Men’s Soccer, Men’s Volleyball, Spikeball, Swim, Water Ski, Women’s Soccer, Women’s Hockey, Women’s Rugby, Women’s Volleyball, Wrestling, Running, Yeti Ultimate

> Intramural Sports

Intramural Sports serves more than 3,500 campus participants on an annual basis. It provides an opportunity for students to remain active by competing in their favorite sport or try something new! Whatever level of play you are looking for - recreational or competitive - Intramural Sports has something to offer! Sign up online with a team or as a free agent for sports in one of our four blocks throughout the year.

Membership Length

Stout Adventure


Calendar Year


Academic Year (Sep - May)


Monthly Rate


Summer Monthly Rate


Day Pass



Note: All fitness memberships are included in segregated fees.



> Blue Devil Rec Connect (August 29th - August 31st, 2024)

Register on Shoppes@Stout

> This program is designed specifically for first-year students. You will meet like-minded folks, become familiar with campus, and explore the surrounding area through various activities and day trips before starting your first semester here at UW-Stout.

Activities may include the following:

> Outdoor Challenge Course

> Hiking

> Canoeing

> Beach Day

> Outdoor Picnic

> Indoor Climbing Wall

> Paddle Boarding

> Kayaking

> Yard Games

> Camping

> Hiking

Trip Cost: $290.00 and includes trip leaders, transportation, meals, activities and all necessary equipment.

Register online on Shopped@Stout or contact Stout Adventures for more information: or 715-232-5625.

> Stout Adventures is a comprehensive outdoor recreation program open to students, faculty, staff, and the local community providing a variety of outdoor programming. > Indoor Climbing Wall > Stout Adventures > Our climbing gym houses two 30ft climbing walls and a bouldering wall. We have 12 ropes and over 50 climbing and bouldering routes, created for beginner to advanced climbers.

> Trip & Clinic Program

> Backpacking, rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking & more! Destinations near & far from one to ten days in length.

> Rental Center

> No matter the season, everything you need to get outdoors is available for rent.




STUDENT COUNSELING CENTER & STUDENT HEALTH SERVICES > We employ licensed and trained practitioners to meet the mental health and medical needs of our stu dents. Visit the Student Counseling Center and Student Health Services online to review the numerous clinical and mental health services available for students. Should you desire to transfer care to Stout, please follow the instructions below.

> To transfer your care to one of our providers, please have your current mental health or medical practitioner send your treatment summary or medical records to the Student Counseling Center or Student Health Services. > Transferring Care

> Schedule your initial appointment to discuss your care needs, answer any questions you have about existing services, or complete any forms to ensure our records are up-to-date. Subsequent appointments can be made at that time. > Schedule an Appointment

> Student Counseling Center

> Student Health Services

103 1st Ave W Menomonie WI 54751 Phone: 715-232-1314 Fax: 715-717-3426

410 Bowman Hall Menomonie WI 54751 Phone: 715-232-2468 Fax: 715-232-2111

> You@Stout

> 24/7 Crisis line: Call 888-552-6642 (other crisis lines are located on the back of your student ID card) > Connect with a Mantra Health tele-therapist via or contact the Student Counseling Center for questions and referrals. > Visit for independent goal setting, skill building, assessments, evidence-

> The YOU platform increases mental health services and crisis support services, while also connecting students to existing campus resources. Students log in with their Stout credentials.

> Connect with a crisis line, tele-therapy & campus resources.

> Research a wide variety of health & mental health topics, set & track personal goals.

> FREE access for all students!

> For questions about You@Stout please contact the Student Counseling Center!



COLLEGE COMES WITH A LOT OF QUESTIONS > That's why we’re here to help. We offer a wide variety of professionally managed services, from career and academic advisement to mental health counseling.

• Financial Aid Office 210 Bowman Hall 715.232.1363 • Involvement Center 106 Memorial Student Center 715.232.1772

• Admissions

• Stoutfitters 102 Memorial Student Center 715.232.1235 • Student Business Services 125 Administration Building 715.232.1656 • Student Counseling Center 410 Bowman Hall 715.232.2468 • Student Health Services 103 1st Avenue West 715.232.1314

212 Sorensen Hall 715.232.1232

• Advisement Center 11 Bowman Hall 715.232.1465

• Qube

• TRIO Student Support Services 310 Bowman Hall 715.232.5180 • Athletics 203 Sports & Fitness Center 715.232.2224

121 Price Commons 715.232.5622

• McNair Scholars Program 425 Bowman Hall 715.232.5490 • Memorial Student Center 302 10th Avenue East 715.232.2000

• University Dining

• Campus Card Office 110 Price Commons 715.232.3686

160 Price Commons 715.232.1585

• University Housing 170 Price Commons 715.232.1121

• Career Services

• Multicultural Student Services 217 Bowman Hall 715.232.1381

103 Administration Building 715.232.3595

• University Police 110 University Services Building 715.232.2222

• Dean of Students 130 Bowman Hall 715.232.1181

• Parking Services 110 University Services Building 715.232.1792

• University Recreation

• Disability Services

41 Sports & Fitness Center 715.232.1392

• The Qube

120 Library Learning Center 715.232.2995

121 Price Commons 715.232.5471


Smithsonian Magazine ranked Menomonie one of the “20 Best Small Towns in America.” • 6 Pizza Places • 6 Coffee Shops • 2 Gaming Stores • 3 Disc Golf Courses • 1 Public Library • 5 Grocery Stores • 7 Plex Cinema • 1 Sewing Store • 3 Hiking and Biking Trails • 2 Performing Arts Centers

> Outdoor Trails & Parks

> Ride your bike around the Lake Menomin Loop or explore the Red Cedar Trail. Menomonie prides itself on being a bike friendly community. Hike around the Devil’s Punchbowl or any of the many parks in the area to see the beautiful scenery Menomonie has to offer.

> Take a leisurely stroll through historic downtown Menomonie and check out all the local shops. With boutiques, game stores, antique shops, and more, there’s something for everyone here! > Downtown

> Restaurants & Coffee Shops

> Menomonie has a wide variety of restaurants and hangout spots! Wood fired pizza, burgers, sushi, pho, hoagies and sandwiches, or a classic Wisconsin supper club are all close to campus. Locally roasted coffee, sweet treats, and cozy places to study and connect with friends are scattered throughout town and often have live music or events throughout the year.

> Menomonie is only 60 miles from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, 23 miles from Eau Claire, and 200 miles from Madison. The Badger Bus and Jefferson Lines offer convenient scheduling and trips to many towns and cities along the 94 corridor helping you get to where you want to go! > Transportation The Badger Bus offers convenient scheduling and trips to many towns and cities along the 94 corridor helping you get to where you want to go!

Meet the Designer!

Howdy, my name’s Zaria, and I’m a member of the Housing Design Team. I’m a senior here at Stout, majoring in Graphic Design Communications, with a minor in Metals and Jewlery. Hopefully this book answered at least a few of your questions about our school, and it’s made your next steps have been made clear. If not, reach out and we’ll get you sorted quick and easy. Oh, and it goes without saying, Stout’s lucky to have you. When you get here, meet some friends, make some memories, and devour every lesson you get. Be safe, see you soon.

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