Industry Connections Report | 2019



Par ker Hann i f i n, a wor l dwi de company wi th faci li t i es i n Wi sconsi n and Mi nnesota, made sure that UW-Stout students had a chance to get on the bus to Inter nsh i p Draf t Day i n November 2018. The company, wh i ch spec i a l i zes i n mot i on cont ro l techno log i es, prov i ded the bus. About 25 students f rom UW-Stout were p i cked up on campus and taken to the event about three hour s away at Lambeau F i e l d i n Green Bay. Par ker Hann i f i n a l so prov i ded a company tour and l unch. At Inter nsh i p Draf t Day, students v i ed for 300- p l us pa i d inter nsh i ps and co - ops be i ng of fered by about 60 compan i es f rom the Nor theast Wi sconsi n Manufactur i ng Al l i ance.

β€œThe char ter bus i s an i nd i cat i on of the va l ue that Par ker, the Nor theast Wi scons i n Manufactur i ng Al l i ance and the Nor theast Wi scons in Educat i ona l Resource A l l i ance puts on UW-Stout and i ts po l y techn i c educat i on,” sa i d Br yan Bar ts, UW-Stout d i rector of Career Ser v i ces. NEWMA Di rector Ann Franz sa i d compan ies prov i de buses to the event because they β€œ recogn i ze i n order to meet the i r wor kforce needs they need to engage co l l ege students.” One of the UW-Stout students, Aust i n Wheaton, rece i ved a $1,500 scho l ar sh i p af ter be i ng named the top draf t p i ck of the event . The award was presented by Mar k Mur phy, Green Bay Packer s CEO.

UW-Stout students and staff during Internship Draft Day at Lambeau Field.

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