Industry Connections Report | 2019



UW-Stout’s academic program advisory committees create a winning partnership for employers, faculty and students. Each of our programs has an advisory committee that consists of stakeholders, alumni, faculty, students and successful professionals from across the country, who provide valuable industry insight, dialogue and direction to guide our curriculum. They keep us informed about how well we are meeting their business’ needs, and ensure a strong pipeline of future interns and employees. On a personal level, many members have noted that they enjoy participating to give back and influence the next generation. We have enjoyed a rich history of this mutually beneficial collaboration. Many of these committees started in the early 1990s, however Stout had advisory committees that date back to the 1920s. Typically, advisory committees meet a couple times a year to discuss topics including existing program curriculum, new program development, cooperative education, internships, industry trends and other important initiatives. The committee provides insight, perspective, advice and support. In some cases, students are given the opportunity to meet with advisory committee professionals for reviews of their work and one-on-one feedback about their progress which is often the highlight of the day for committee members.

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