Industry Connections Report | 2019



As a polytechnic university, UW-Stout is driven by our three polytechnic tenets: career focus, applied learning, and collaboration with business, industry, education and other organizational partners. Our high level of collaboration through our extensive network of external partnerships is arguably UW-Stout’s most valued tenet. Partnerships are essential to our hands- on education and the exceptionally high employment rates that span across each of our six career pathways. This publication is designed to serve as a guide for how you can benefit from engaging with UW-Stout in a variety of ways, as well as to showcase a small sampling of our partners. While every university strives to build and maintain partnerships at some level, UW- Stout’s expansive level of focus on this tenet is why our students are so highly desired by employers as both interns and full-time employees. Stout graduates are uniquely ready to meet the needs of employers in many of the most in-demand fields because

our curriculum is guided by advisory committees consisting of external partners. Our partners also ensure that UW-Stout’s experiential learning environments, featuring three times as many labs as classrooms, are up-to-date with current and emerging technologies. In return for this support, partners save thousands of dollars in both recruiting and onboarding costs through the creation of a steady pipeline of highly capable employees who are ready to hit the ground running. Additionally, many of Stout’s partners enjoy the extensive level of outreach services provided by the Discovery Center. As Stout’s primary outreach and engagement organization, this group features skilled problem solvers, gifted learners, and action- oriented colleagues who work together with our partners to overcome hurdles in process improvement, product development, business

growth, continuing education, culture development, applied research, and much more.


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