Master of Fine Arts in Design

FOCUS AREA Game Design

FOCUS AREA Graphic Design

# 1 IN WISCONSIN GRAPHIC DESIGN Animation Career Review


With its Vicon Motion Capture lab, robust computer labs, and aggressive creative output, UW–Stout’s Game Design area has been nationally ranked by the Princeton Review and Animation Career Review since its inception. The MFA in Design is currently #6 among public institutions.

Graphic Design & Interactive Media is the largest and most robust disciplinary area in the School of Art & Design. Students in the MFA in Design can focus on a generalist approach, or specialize in Interactive Media & UX Design. Graphic Design & related faculty are widely published and recognized.

FOCUS AREA & RELATED COURSES Concept Art 3D Modeling & Animation I 3D Modeling – Hard Surface 3D Modeling – Organics Game Design/Dev Capstone 1 Game Design/Dev Capstone 2 History of Interactive Media Color Seminar Graduate Design Studio (repeatable) Transmedia Studio Tech and Professional Comm. in the Games Industry Technology Futures RELATED CERTIFICATES Instructional Design Communicating with Emerging Media Improving the User Experience

FOCUS AREA & RELATED COURSES Digital Illustration Signage and Exhibition Design Publication Design Introduction to Web Design User Experience Design Interactive Media Design Advanced Interactive Design Transmedia Studio Color Seminar Graduate Design Studio (repeatable) Art Photography Studio Technology Futures RELATED CERTIFICATES Design for Sustainability Instructional Design Communicating with Emerging Media Improving the User Experience

AREA & RELATED FACULTY Dave Beck, MFA Professor; Director of the School of Art & Design

AREA & RELATED FACULTY Alex DeArmond, MFA | AIGA Professor Robert Fraher, MFA | AIGA Professor Nagesh Shinde, MFA | AIGA Professor Marit McCluske, MFA | AIGA, IxDA Lecturer

Erik Evensen, MFA Associate Professor Seth Berrier, PhD Professor, Computer Science Jesse Woodward, MFA

Erik Evensen, MFA | AIGA Associate Professor Wendy Jedlicka, MIM, EdD(c) Senior Lecturer Morgan Barrie, MFA Assistant Professor, Photography

Kim Loken, MArch Associate Professor Andrew Williams, PhD Associate Professor, Design History: History of Interactive Media Jackie Cummings, MFA Lecturer

Senior Lecturer Co O’Neill, MFA Lecturer Karl Koehle, MFA(c) Lecturer



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