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est. 2019

At Left: Clifford and Carrie Hentz, & Joy and Brett Jackson Below: The Hentz’s and Jackson’s at their first trade show.

Love of outdoors leads four alumni to open fishing apparel company

C lifford and Carrie Hentz, and Brett and Joy Jackson met at UW-Stout and built their friendship as couples after graduation, taking many trips together. Whether they’re battling tuna in the Gulf of Mexico, netting mahi-mahi off the coast of Marathon Key or just casting for panfish, their tales are sure to reel in the attention of any outdoors enthusiast. One of their most memorable tales is their 2015 trip to Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada. They fished for trout from freighter canoes in Maligne Lake, high in the mountains. With the temperature dropping, their guide offered his Fishbum jacket to Brett. The detailed artwork on the jacket was unlike anything they had seen. And with his kind gesture, their guide unknowingly changed their future. When Fishbum went out of business, Clifford contacted the prior owner to find out why. After several calls and a flight to Canada to meet him, the crew purchased Fishbum. “We had no intention of starting a business, but the prior owner saw something in us,” Joy said. “The more we thought about starting a business in an industry we love, the more excited we got about taking the chance.”

The Hentz’s and Jackson’s co-opened One Last Cast in February 2019. Drawing inspiration from adventure, it offers high-quality performance fishing gear with hand-drawn designs for anglers, fishing lodges and teams, guide services and retail outlets. The gear is customizable and available for men and women. “We are all anglers and bring different angling experiences to the table, which shows in the gear,” Joy said. “We love the look, feel and performance of our apparel. We share the same family values and vision for our future. We care about each other and our friendship.” Clifford graduated in 2005, Carrie in 2006 and the Jacksons in 2007. Although they all have full-time jobs in addition to One Last Cast, they are working hard at building their business into a full-time venture. The One Last Cast crew includes a graphic designer, two freelance artists and nearly 300 field staff – anglers from across the U.S. and Canada who help promote the brand via social media. “Our supporters are truly the best. We have so many people tell us they have been complimented while wearing their One Last Cast gear. The feedback we receive makes it all worth it,” Joy said.


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