Outlook Magazine - Fall 2021


Employment and continuing education rate for recent graduates. Down only 1.1% despite the pandemic. 97.8%

$149,000 Smart manufacturing pilot project grant given to UW-Stout’s Discovery Center by the U.S. Department of Defense. 130 Years UW-Stout has been in operation as of Jan. 5, 2021. TOP 30 UW-Stout ranked among best in U.S. for strong industry connections by College Values Online. 264 Art kits created by staff so students could learn 3D Design remotely in spring 2021 during the pandemic.

NO. 5 IN U.S. Game design and development program ranking , by Princeton Review, among all public U.S. universities. 7 TONS Office paper UW-Stout shredded in 2020. It is being sent to Cascades in Eau Claire, Wis., to be made into tissue paper. 2ND IN U.S. The place four packaging majors took in the Student AmeriStar Package Awards for their coconut oil container concept. 89 Steep steps inside the Clock Tower to reach the top level, the open-air belfry.


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