Resident Hall Handbook



Before Leaving Residents should: • Vacuum the carpet and dust all surfaces. • Clean the mirror. • Have all personal belongings out of the room before desk staff inspects the room. • Check their mailbox before returning keys to the desk staff. Withdrawing Students withdrawing from the University must initiate the withdrawal process at the Registration and Records Office (109 Bowman Hall). There will be a $25 per day charge for unauthorized occupation of a room. For all check-out information, watch your email for information about the process. Note: Students withdrawing from the University should update their mailing address by logging onto Access Stout, clicking on ‘Self Service’ and then ‘Student Center’.

SINGLE ROOMS A limited number of single rooms are available on campus. Students are offered completely open single rooms based on availability and the following priority ranking: 1. Current upper-level residents 2. Current residents who are second-year students 3. Current residents who are first-year students 4. Transfer students Students whose roommate moves out may be offered the opportunity to purchase their room as a single. This depends upon occu pancy numbers when the vacancy occurs. WITHOUT A ROOMMATE Students who find themselves without a roommate during the academic year will receive an email from University Housing informing them that their roommate is leaving and information on several options on how to move forward. These options may include: 1. Paying for a single room 2. Moving to a room with someone else who also has a vacancy 3. Agreeing to allow Housing to assign a new roommate. If there are two or more open spaces in a community, students will be consolidated into one space. More detailed information can be provided by your Residence Life Coordinator. 5. Off-campus students 6. New first-year students

and Check-Out’ section in this handbook to learn more about the move and watch your email for more information. ROOM FURNISHINGS All university-owned furnishings must stay in student rooms. This includes even those rooms occupied as singles. Any furnishings affixed to the wall cannot be removed. This includes mir rors, bulletin boards, closets and/or closet cur tains, desks, bookshelves, smoke detectors, and electrical fixtures. Windows and screens must always remain in place. Public lounge furniture is NOT permitted in student rooms. University Housing provides refrigerators, micro waves and lofts for all student rooms. While your bed is lofted, the distance from the top of the mattress to the ceiling must be at least 25”. When arranging the room furniture, students must maintain a 30” (width) x 72” (height) path of egress from the door to the window. ROOM TEMPERATURE To regulate the room temperature, open and close the damper on the room radiator. For energy efficiency, please close the windows in the winter. The placement of furniture and other belongings in front of the heating unit also prevents the circulation of air that is needed for the unit to function properly. Review the Room Comfort website for more information.


Students may request a room change through out the semester by logging onto the Housing Gateway. However, during the first three weeks of each semester and during any University Housing sanctioned room freeze, room switches are not permitted. Additionally, students will have the ability to make room changes for spring semester in early December, when University Housing offers a Room Switch Night. Students will receive infor mation via email about this process or can ask a Housing staff member. If a room change is made at any time, see the ‘Move-In, Check-In,


In Red Cedar Hall, thermostats are provided in the suite to regulate the entire suite and yearly inspections are done on heating units. If there is a problem with heat or cooling tem perature control in Red Cedar, McCalmont, or North Hall, report it on a maintenance request found in the Housing Gateway.



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