Resident Hall Handbook



Operations Manager/Coordinator These undergraduate and graduate staff mem bers support the many building operations of your residence hall including supervising the Front Desk Assistants. Maintenance Staff The maintenance mechanics repair things that are broken in the hall and do preventative main tenance to keep our building systems from breaking down. You may submit a maintenance request on the Housing Gateway to get some thing fixed in your room or residence hall. Community Service Officer (CSO) These staff members are employed by the University Police and work in conjunction with the RAs and hall staff to monitor the building when hall staff are not on duty. Additional Staff Members University Housing also has central office staff, technology staff, and other personnel who work to create a positive residence hall experience. These individuals work in various locations, including the Housing Office in 170 Price Commons.


Your room is your home! We encourage you to bring items with you that will make it just that. You’ll definitely want to bring: • Extra-long twin sheets • Towels and bathroom supplies • Cleaning supplies • Plates, bowls and eating utensils (some of these items, among others, are also available at the front desk). We also suggest you bring: • TV • Couch or futon (think about if it will fit up the stairs) • Small rug • Room decorations (i.e. pictures, posters, plants) • Additional lighting • Storage items Futons & couches need to be less than 80 inches long to fit under your lofted bed. An adjustable loft and micro-fridge are already in the room. Plus, the floor is carpeted from wall-to-wall. We want you to make your residence hall room as comfortable as possible. However, for safety reasons, there are a few things you should leave at home, such as: • Non-religious candles and incense • Pets (other than fish, see Pets policy), • Weapons (including concealed fire arms) • Explosives • Illicit drug paraphernalia • Pools • Cooking items with exposed elements • Alcohol and/or empty containers are against policy if you are under 21 WHAT NOT TO BRING


Resident Advisors (RA) As a fellow student, your RA is your go-to-per son for all concerns on your floor. Whether you want to get more involved, are in the middle of a roommate conflict, have a program idea, or are simply wanting a person to connect to, your RA is ready to assist you with any problem, concern, or idea you have! Academic Resource Coordinators (ARC) Every hall has at least one ARC to provide you with resources to be academically prepared. They connect residents with the writing center and math tutors, provide study nights, and offer self-assessments to help you learn more about how you best study. Hall Managers (HM) These student staff members live in your res idence hall and assist the RLCs in supervising the hall staff. They are great resources for you to contact with questions about the campus and residence hall, roommate concerns, or other questions. Student Leadership Assistants (SLA) The SLAs are trained to design events for on-campus residents and provide leadership development opportunities. They coordinate the Care Package program, support the Hall Leadership Committees, and allocate funds for in-hall programming efforts.

Residence Life Coordinators (RLC) and/or Hall Coordinators (HC) These live-in professionals supervise the student staff within their building complex. They are here to assist in your transition to college providing academic, social, wellness, and personal devel opment support. In some of our halls we have graduate student Hall Coordinators who perform many of the same functions. Hall Leadership Committee (HLC) These student-volunteers live in your residence hall and plan events for other residents to enjoy. HLCs collaborate with RAs, SLAs, and residents to create events that enhance your living experience. This is a great way to get involved on campus! Any resident may join the HLC or attend meetings - talk to your RA about this opportunity. Desk Assistant (DA) Desk assistants are hired as our customer service staff and work at the front desk of your residence hall. They check out equipment from the front desk, provide information, and answer questions. This is a great first-year student employment opportunity, apply on the Housing Gateway! Hall Custodian Each hall has at least one custodian working Monday through Friday to help keep the building clean. Although this team will maintain the basic cleanliness of the building, your assistance is needed to help keep your hall looking great!



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