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54% of UW-Stout residence hall students don’t drink On some campuses, drinking is often part of the social life for students, but misuse of alcohol is a growing problem. If you choose to drink alcohol, you will impact yourself and other people; often these impacts are negative. UW-Stout takes an aggressive approach to underage drinking and alcohol abuse. There are financial and educational consequences for students who violate alcohol policies. If you come to UW-Stout, we want you to have fun and enjoy yourself, but you need to do this in responsible ways. YOU DON’T NEED TO DRINK TO FIT IN

We are committed to promoting and maintaining a healthy campus and community. All enrolled Stout students are eligible to use Student Health Services.

• Triage Nurse • Preventative Care • Illness & Injury Evaluation/Treatment • Mental Health & Psychiatry Care • Ongoing Care for Chronic Health Conditions • Prescription & Over the Counter Medicine

• LGBTQIA+ Care • Laboratory Tests

We now bill most major insurance plans. Give us your insurance card and we’ll do the rest! No insurance? Cash payer discounts are available.

Navigate App Navigate is a UW-Stout resource that helps students plan their academic success. With just a few clicks, students see their class schedules, advisor information, and can explore academic majors. Plus, friendly reminders and assistance with tuition due dates, registration, or scheduling advisor appointments. It’s a go-to app to help navigate academic life here at UW-Stout Download the “Navigate Student” App by going to >

Transferring Care To transfer your care to one of our providers, please have your current medical practitioner send your treatment summary or medical records to the Counseling Center or Student Health Services.

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