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Pick One! Check out the student organizations available at: >

With a wide variety of programs, events, and initiatives, we make it easy to find something that you’ll love.

Stick with something you’ve always been passionate about or try something entirely new! The choice is yours.

• Campus-wide Events • Civic Engagement & Service • LGBTQIA+ Events and Programs

• Leadership Opportunities • Social Justice Programs • Student Organizations

WHAT WILL BE YOUR ONE? Finding a way to get connected to campus is important. We encourage you to pick at least one thing to get involved in! Those who do often perform better academically and are happier with their college experience. Discover new interests, develop new friendships, and make the most of your college experience!

Pick One! Pick One! encourages students to find at least one thing to become actively engaged in outside of the classroom!

160+ Student Organizations Getting involved in a student organization is more than just building your résumé. It’s about finding something you’re passionate about, trying new things, meeting new people, developing interpersonally, and making campus home.

• Academic & Professional • Athletics & Recreation • Cultural & Identity • Fraternity & Sorority Life • Leadership • LGBTQIA+ Programs

• Military & Veterans • On-Campus Employment • Performing Arts • Service and Volunteerism • Student Organizations • Spiritual

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