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Welcome to Life@Stout!

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Show concern for others. Treat people well and be kind to them. Avoid labeling people or discriminating. Act in a way that helps create a positive community. • Respect Authority Faculty and staff (including student staff members) are invested in making Stout a great place to learn and grow. Appreciate the responsibilities that come with everyone’s role. • Respect Property We provide things like furniture, athletic equipment and facilities to make your Stout experience better. Take care of it; treat things with care. • Display Integrity Be truthful and forthcoming with everyone. Follow the rules and policies that have been established. They were made for a reason. • Respect Yourself Think about your behavior before you do something. Challenge yourself to look at things from

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A welcome message from your Stout Student Association President.

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Hello! My name is Devin Dumke and I am the President of the Stout Student Association, your student government. Welcome to UW Stout! I hope you are as excited for this upcoming year as I am. As the rest of this booklet will show you, there is a wide variety of clubs, teams, and activities for you to choose from on campus. I encourage you to take advantage of all that is available to you and find your niche! There are over 160+ student organizations at Stout, all of which are student-led. If you have an idea for a student organization that doesn’t exist yet, start your own! Your first year of college can be a daunting experience, and if you feel like you haven’t yet found your place you are not alone. There are many people on this campus that are invested in your success, and we’re all here to help you. College is challenging, and it takes a physical and mental toll on us all. Please reach out to Student Health Services or the Counseling

Center if you feel it is beneficial. They are just two of the many services provided to you to help improve your well-being. We at the Stout Student Association are also looking to improve the wellbeing of all students. Empowered by state law, the Stout Student Association places student representatives in the decision-making process of the University, as well as empowering student voices at the local, state, and national level. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us when you have an issue that needs to be addressed, or have an idea to make campus better. Our office is located at room 118 Memorial Student Center, and we are always looking for students to get involved! Once again, I’d like to welcome you to your home away from home as you begin your college journey. The friends and memories you make along the way are priceless, and last long after you graduate and step off campus for the final time. I hope to see you around this year, and I hope you enjoy your time at Stout!

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a new perspective. Instead of following a crowd, be an individual.

Start Your Experience Take the first steps in preparing for your arrival in the fall by selecting your Room, Roommate Preferences, and Dining Plan for the upcoming school year.

Get To Know Campus Become more familiar with campus and learn about a variety of resources available for you. Find a campus job, purchase a fitness membership, or get involved with a student organization.

See You Soon As the fall semester approaches, you will receive Move-in Instructions and Week One Orientation Details. This is the final step in making a smooth transition to your Life@Stout.

Life@Stout Ready for your life at Stout? This booklet, designed by students, will give you a glimpse of the services and opportunities that will make up your new Life@Stout.




— President Dumke

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