Sustainability Action Plan


Since the 2009 Climate Action Plan, we have done a lot to push the sustainability needle on our campus. Here are the sustainability initiatives we’ve implemented to help mitigate our GHG emissions.


Implemented free access to Stout Route Campus Bus and Community Bus for students, faculty, and staff

Building Dashboard electricity module implemented to showcase real-time electricity use for all campus buildings Light sensors and energy efficient lighting in some buildings

Implemented bike shelter at the library

Bike lockers offered by University Housing

Implemented incentive programs for employees to walk, bike, or carpool to work Created a student transportation coordinator position within the Sustainability Office to help coordinate transportation programs Achieved bronze level “Bike Friendly University” designation from the League of American Bicyclists

Pilot project for solar walkway lights

Installing variable frequency drives in certain locations to conserve energy


Stormwater management projects in parking lots

Added 4 bike fix stations across campus

Campus Exteriors Development Committee incorporates some sustainability projects into campus landscapes and works with Sustainability Minor capstone students

UW-Stout partnered with Dunn County Transit to offer free bus services to students and staff in 2011.

Implemented live bus tracker for riders to know where bus is in real-time

Natural Areas Club student organization formed


Annual campus clean-ups performed by Athletics and GreenSense UW-Sprout Campus Garden, which utilizes sustainable growing methods for vegetables, fruits, and herbs, was established

Implemented touchless faucets in some restrooms to minimize water use Implemented water conserving dishwashers in University Dining Services (UDS)


Surplus program for reusing campus-purchased items Paperless initiative to reduce the use of paper across the campus Training for incoming first-year students on how to compost and recycle Created administrative procedure 047 for waste reduction Offer SPRING MOVE-OUT recycling and reuse event for all students every spring Provided outdoor recycling bins funded by Green Fee and University Housing

Implemented a comprehensive waste reduction system for campus with campus-wide composting and recycling Tracking waste, recycling, and trash data on a monthly basis Implemented additional recycling programs for batteries, plastic bags/films, personal electronics, books, video games, and more Implemented I LOVE TAP WATER campaign to reduce single use water bottles



Implemented StoutBikes Bikeshare Program within Stout Adventures

Requires the purchase Energy Star Certified products whenever the option is available

Implemented UW-Stout Rideshare

Participating in RecycleMania program annually

A glimpse of the Waste Management MRF (materials recovery facility) where our campus recycling is sorted.

Placed #1 in UW System from 2014-2018, and placed #2 in 2019. Placed #20-40 nation wide

Recycling fryer oil in UDS

Discount for refillable beverage containers from UDS

All to-go packaging for food prepared by UDS is compostable



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