Sustainability Action Plan


UW-Stout adopted its first Climate Action Plan on September 15, 2009. This Climate Action Plan laid out UW-Stout’s targets for reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 2015. The table below shows UW-Stout’s progress toward the goals it set in 2009. APPENDIX 2: 2015 GHG EMISSIONS REDUCTION TARGETS GHG emissions reduction commitments from the 2009 Climate Action Plan, measured by percent change from FY2008 GHG emissions data to FY2015 GHG emissions data

UW-Stout’s Sustainability Steering Committee developed and authored this plan in 2016-2017 Members include:

Sarah Rykal Chair/Sustainability Manager Sustainability Office Andrew Cleveland Assistant Director Student Life and Services Kennedy Crever SSA Sustainability Director Stout Student Association

Arthur Kneeland Senior Lecturer Biology

Our campus’ GHG emissions data from our baseline year of 2008

Joan Menefee Full Professor English & Philosophy Zenon Smolarek Assistant Director Physical Plant Wendy Stary Professor Engineering Technology

Our campus’ GHG emissions data from benchmark year of 2015

Our actual percent change from 2008 to 2015

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Scope

2015 GHG Emissions Reduction Commitment (from 2009 Climate Action Plan)

FY2008 GHG Emissions Data (Baseline Year) Measured in MTCDE

FY2015 GHG Emissions Data (Benchmark Year) Measured in MTCDE

Percent Change from 2008 to 2015

Emma DeRubeis Student Greensense

Laura Donovan Student

Houston Taylor Stout Adventures Coordinator Stout Adventures

Scope 1 Scope 2 Scope 3

5.92% increase 35.86% increase 56.89% decrease 7


12,324 11,929 12,225

11,111 16,207




Tom Dye Policy & Accreditation Specialist Planning, Assessment, Research & Quality

Ann Vogl Reference/Distance Learning Librarian University Library

Jeremy Janiak Custodial Supervisor Physical Plant

Darrin Witucki Director Student Centers

7 This substantial decrease can, in part, be attributed to a change in travel categories within the Campus Carbon Calculator. In 2008, the CCC required that we survey any students about commuting habits. In 2015, it required that we survey student commuters only.



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