Upper Midwest Honors Conference 2019


Cellphone connection is unreliable in the Memorial Student Center. If you do need to make a call or connection, step outside and the signal should come back right away. Luckily, we do have internet! The Wi-Fi is StoutGuest , and once you select the internet, it will ask you to enter your e-mail. You won’t get any junk mail from us, it’s just a way to log in. Need something printed or cut last minute for your presentation? Just head over to our Service Center on the 1st floor of the Memorial Student Center and they can print anything you might need. The Involvement Center on the 1st floor also has resources like cutting boards in the back of the Involvement Center. For any more help or tips, just find one of our volunteers in the orange and blue buttons to help you out this weekend! If there is a social event that is located outside the Memorial Student Center in Jarvis hall, the Library, or Harvey Hall, volunteers with blue and orange buttons will be there to help guide the way!

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Throughout the conference, there will be a hunt for the elusive light bulb medallion hidden somewhere in the Memorial Student Center. The winner can be an individual or a group of two.

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