Computer and Electrical Engineering


With your CEE degree, you can choose from two concentrations with emphasis areas based on your engineering interests and career goals. Both concentrations are ABET accredited. • Computer Engineering: You’ll study computer networks, cybersecurity, embedded systems, machine learning, microcontrollers and microprocessors, game design and wireless communications like 5G. • Electrical Engineering: You’ll study artificial intelligence, automation and robotics, electronics, biomedical and health care instrumentation design, printed circuit boards and programmable logic controllers. AUTOMATIC MINORS You’ll earn an automatic minor through your concentration credits and can add that extra experience and hands-on knowledge to your resume. • Computer engineering graduates receive automatic minors in Math and Computer Science. • Electrical engineering graduates receive an automatic minor in Math and can receive a Computer Science minor with three additional classes.

We also offer a Biomedical Instrumentation minor.

TRANSFER STUDENTS Our program offers a flexible transfer model to help you easily transfer in and apply your credits directly to your CEE degree.


UW-Stout has more than 400 scholarships available for undergraduate students. On average, $870,000 in scholarships are awarded to more than 350 students each year.

Our industry partners and alumni invest in your success through a dozen scholarships devoted to STEM and CEE students.

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