Employee Resource Guide


On occasion, the university may suspend classes due to inclement weather; however, all other operations at the university continue, necessitating non-teaching staff to report to work. Updates on the status of campus operations, when necessary, can be found on the UW-Stout external website, StoutCloud, the official Facebook page and Twitter account, as well as Chippewa Valley and the Twin Cities media. The StoutAlert notification system also may be used. StoutAlert allows university officials to send one clear message through multiple channels, which include: - Email - Text Message - RSS feeds on the website - Social media posts

All UW-Stout students, faculty and staff will receive email alerts via their university email account. Employees may not opt out of receiving these.

This system will only be used for essential, official, university communications. An employee’s cell number is not, made publicly available nor will it be used to text employees for anything other than official messages sent through StoutAlert.

Additional information is available online.

D-7 OPERATION OF VEHICLES To be authorized to drive a university vehicle and/or to be reimbursed for the use of an employee’s private vehicle, employees must complete a Vehicle User Agreement. This agreement must be signed and sent to the Risk Management Office in University Services Room 130. Upon receipt, the office will review your driving record and, if acceptable, will sign the Vehicle User Agreement and return an approved copy to the employee’s supervisor. Approval or disapproval is based on the driving record at the time of the application. Any changes in this status must be reported to the supervisor immediately. Out of state drivers must have their vehicle user agreement notarized. The form must be provided to the Safety & Risk Management Office, 7-10 days prior to travel, to allow for processing. Additional information is available online. SAFETY SHOE REQUIREMENT UW-Stout is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for employees. This administrative procedure establishes the parameters for a University-funded safety shoe program. The administrative procedure applies to UW- Stout University Staff and Academic Staff in .50 FTE positions or greater identified as requiring safety shoes or boots for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Additional information is available online. WORKER’S COMPENSATION & ACCIDENT/INJURY REPORTING Worker's Compensation is a benefit program that assists employees with medical payments and wages lost due to work- related injuries or illness. In the event of a work-related injury or illness, the employee is responsible for seeking first aid and/or medical treatment immediately if needed. Employees are required to report the accident or injury to their supervisor, complete and submit an official report and notify their supervisor of any unsafe work conditions. Additional information is available on the UW-Stout Safety and Risk Management website and the UW System website. D-8 D-9

For more information, please contact the Safety and Risk Management office.


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