Employee Resource Guide


• State resources will not be used to engage in political activities at any time (e.g. supplies, equipment, machinery, or vehicles); and • Employees may not solicit contributions or services for a political purpose from other university employees while engaged in official duties.

For additional information, refer to FAQ’s related to political campaign activity at UW System Institutions.

E-8 PUBLICITY/STATEMENT TO THE MEDIA All media inquiries regarding UW-Stout and its operation must be referred to the office of Marketing Communications.

E-9 WORKPLACE EXPECTATIONS AND DISCIPLINARY GUIDELINES Employees shall respect the rights of others, exhibit a level of behavior supporting the university mission, act in the best interests of the university, perform assigned duties in an orderly and efficient manner, and adhere to all state, UW System, and UW-Stout policies and directives. When these expectations are not met, then disciplinary action may be administered. Workplace Conduct Expectations are expectations that apply to all members of the UW System workforce. Please review UW System Administrative Policy 1292.


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