Employee Resource Guide



Details for miscellaneous leave provisions are detailed in UW System Administrative Policy 1216.

F-1 BEREAVEMENT LEAVE Employees may use up to three days of sick leave after the death of an immediate family member. An additional four days of sick leave may be used for travel time related to funerals or other circumstances. Institutions can approve reasonable requests for additional time off or use of additional sick leave on a case-by-case basis. Employees may also choose to use other paid leave (e.g. vacation or personal holiday) instead of sick leave. BONE MARROW AND HUMAN ORGAN DONATION Faculty, academic staff, limited appointees, and university staff that earn sick leave, who request to serve as a bone marrow or a human organ donor, are eligible for a paid leave of absence. During the paid leave of absence, employees are not required to use any paid leave. F-2

Paid Time Off: Bone Marrow Donation – up to five workdays off with pay Human Organ Donation – up to 30 workdays off with pay

If additional time off is needed, employees may either use paid leave or take an unpaid leave of absence. Additional time off is subject to institution approval.

F-3 CATASTROPHIC LEAVE The catastrophic leave program is available to help support employees who need to take an extended, unpaid leave of absence from work due to an illness or injury that either incapacitates the employee or the employee’s immediate family member. It allows UW-Stout employees to voluntarily donate unused vacation, banked leave, or personal/floating holidays to co-workers who have a catastrophic need. ELECTION OFFICIAL TIME OFF ON ELECTION DAY Employees who serve as an election official for public elections under the authority of the municipal clerk may serve without loss of pay for scheduled work hours on Election Day, provided they request leave at least seven days prior to the election. The employee may elect to receive their UW pay or the pay received as an election official. If state pay is elected, the pay earned as an election official will be deducted from the UW pay. If an employee uses paid leave (e.g. vacation or personal holiday) on Election Day, pay earned as an election official will not be deducted from the UW pay. FAMILY AND MEDICAL LEAVE ACT Medical leaves of absence may be available for employees who need leave due to a serious medical condition or to care for family members. Such leaves may qualify under the FMLA or WFMLA for job reinstatement and benefits continuation rights. Family medical leave is guided by two laws: The federal Family Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA) and the Wisconsin Family Medical Leave Act (WFMLA). The employee must formally request a leave of absence through the Office of Human Resources. The eligibility and provisions of each act differ. Additional information is available online. F-4 F-5


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