Employee Resource Guide


F-6 HOSTAGE LEAVE If an employee suffers an injury (e.g. physical or psychological) as a result of being taken hostage, the employee may be eligible for a leave with pay for up to 45 calendar days from the date of the conclusion of the hostage event. Additional information is available in UW System Administrative Policy 1216. JURY DUTY All employees who earn sick leave are entitled to leave with pay when summoned for grand or petit jury duty. While on jury duty, employees will receive their regular salary in addition to juror pay. When not impaneled for actual service and only on call, the employee should report back to work unless authorized by the institution to be absent. Additional information is detailed in UW System Administrative Policy 1216. LEAVE BANKING Employees who earn vacation are eligible to bank unused vacation once eligibility requirements, as outlined in this policy, are met. Once vacation is banked, the hours do not expire. Banked vacation can be used at any time (can be used in any circumstance where paid leave can be used) upon supervisor approval. There is a limit to how many hours may be banked per year, but there is no limit on the total hours in the employee’s banked leave account. Additional information is detailed in UW System Administrative Policy 1210. LEAVE OF ABSENCE Leaves of absence may fall into one of the following categories: medical (which may or may not be covered under FMLA), non-medical, and military. An employee may be on a paid or unpaid leave of absence, depending on several factors including the appointment type, duration of leave, and type of leave. Additional information is available online. F-7 F-8 F-9

F-10 LEGAL HOLIDAYS University of Wisconsin-Stout provides the following legal holidays to eligible employees:

New Year’s Day (Jan. 1) Thanksgiving Day Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Christmas Eve (Dec. 24) Memorial Day Christmas Day (Dec. 25)

Independence Day (July 4) New Year’s Eve (Dec. 31) Labor Day

Full-time employees earn eight hours of leave for each legal holiday. Part-time employees earn a pro-rated amount based on their appointment percentage. If a holiday falls on a Sunday, the university will be closed the following Monday. Eligible employees will be given floating legal holiday hours if one of the following occurs: • A legal holiday falls on Saturday or the legal holidays of December 24 or December 31 fall on a Sunday (must be a regularly scheduled day off). • The employee works on a legal holiday. • A legal holiday falls on a regularly scheduled day off. Floating legal holiday hours may be used like any other paid leave and must be used by the end of the calendar year for university staff and fiscal year for faculty, academic staff, and limited appointees. • The university is officially closed on the legal holidays previously listed. Essential employees, such as Security and Police Services, Power Plant and Food Service, may be required to work during a holiday.


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