Resident Hall Handbook




duplex printing is free of charge, single sided and color printing is available for a small fee via your student ID card.

All residence halls have televisions located in lounges and basement spaces with cable TV availability. Additionally, each individual room has a cable connection. Just bring your own TV and a coax cord and perform a channel scan to receive about 150 channels from Charter Communications. For assistance, contact the Technology Help Desk (715-232-5000).

For support with any of your computer issues, con tact the Technology Help desk at (715) 232-5000.

AIR CONDITIONERS Students living in all halls except Red Cedar, McCalmont, and North Hall, which are already temperature controlled, are permitted to bring their own air conditioners that meet the guide lines below. There will be a $100 charge per academic year for the use of own air condition ers to cover the utility costs and staff time to inspect installation. All guidelines below must be followed and are based on energy conservation and safety. Type of Unit • Portable floor unit with duct and window covering. Window units are not allowed for safety reasons. • Must be an evaporative unit (unit where water that is collected is exhausted through the window duct). • Maximum BTUs: 8000 ASHRAE (see product specifications and be prepared to show this documentation upon inspection) Installation • Students must apply for an Air Conditioner unit in the Housing Gateway and be approved prior to installation. • Only one unit per room may be installed. • After approval, students may plug-in and place exhaust in the window.

plexiglass can be purchased at most home improvement or hardware stores. •Window inserts must stay in place only by closing the window and using tape provided by the University. • Students cannot use their own tape or attach the window insert with screws, nails, etc. • See table below for the approximate window opening dimensions for window insert • Screens are left in the window. • Staff will inspect the installation and request residents to make corrections as necessary. • Any installation done without approval or failure to make corrections to installation may result in charges and removal of the unit. • The student approved for the unit will be responsible for any damages caused by the unit. • Air conditioner units are not permitted in Red Cedar, McCalmont, and North Hall.




All move-in instructions for students are commu nicated to them via their UW-Stout email.

Check-In When changing rooms throughout the academic year, residents check-in to their new room by going to the front desk. Here you will get your new keys and can begin the move. Be sure to complete your new room inspection form imme diately. Once everything is out of your old room, check-out at the front desk of that hall. Whenever a resident leaves their room, the room should be left in the condition in which it was found. This means that all personal belongings are removed, furnishings returned to their origi nal locations, and room is cleaned. Room set-ups may be found on your residence hall webpage, linked on the Hall Information page of the hand book. Once this has been completed, go to the front desk to check-out. Desk staff will go with you to inspect the room. Failure to follow the process will result in an improper check-out fee, in addition to being assessed for any damages. Residents will be charged for any damages to walls, ceiling, carpet, furniture, and missing items that are found by hall staff, including student staff and custodial staff. Check-Out

COMPUTER CONNECTIONS & PRINTERS Each residence hall room is equipped with 1 or 2 high-speed Ethernet ports. Students can use an Ethernet cable to connect to the jack, or connect wirelessly. Both internet connections provide 100

Mbps of connection to the network. Students using wireless should use the StoutSecure network.

StoutSecure provides users with encrypted, secure, high-speed internet access for laptops and other personal devices. StoutNonSecure can be used if your device is unable to connect to StoutSecure. StoutNonSecure is a non-broad casted and unsecured network. The first login will require users to enter the wireless network name, which is ‘StoutNonSecure’. StoutGuest network is intended for university guests. It is an unsecured network with limited data rates and allows only http and https protocols. It also requires users to re-authenti cate every 4 hours. This network is not intended for use by faculty, staff, or students. All halls have printing stations located at the front desk of the building. Printers and paper are provided for use by residents, black and white

Approximate Window Opening

Residence Hall Antrim & Froggatt CKTO & HKMC Fleming & Hovlid Jeter & Callahan

Height 39.5 inches 41.75 inches 40.5 inches 46 inches 34.25 inches 38.5 inches 32 inches 38.25 inches

• Students must have hard plastic or plexiglass insert in the window to help with energy conservation. Plexiglass or hard plastic often comes with units. If it is not included with the unit or the provided insert is not large enough,

North Hall South Hall

Tainter Wigen

All window widths are adjustable



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