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HALL DAMAGE FEES Any time a resident checks-out of their room, building staff will inspect the room for cleanli ness and damages. It is important that students fill out their room condition report at the begin ning of the year so any damages that were there at move-in, are not charged to the current resident. A list of hall damage fees can be found in the ‘Residence Hall Damage List’ section of this handbook. KEYS A room key is provided to residents upon check-in. If a student believes they have lost their keys, they can check-out a loan set from the front desk. If your key is not reurned within seven (7) days, a key replacement will be automatically initiated. Each residence hall has a kitchen available for student use in the basement. Red Cedar, Fleming-Hovlid, McCalmont, Wigen, and North Hall have kitchens in each floor lounge. You are responsible for the safety and cleaning of the area during use as it is a communal space. Food may be stored in the refrigerator, but the University assumes no liability for spoilage and theft. Periodically, the refrigerators are cleaned with notice; any unclaimed food and containers will be disposed of. Lounge spaces are also located through each hall, on floors and in basements for studying and socializing. Furniture may not be removed from lounge spaces. Be respectful of others when using the space. KITCHENS & LOUNGES

FRONT DESK Each residence hall front desk provides students and guests with services including distributing hall and campus information, equipment, access to specialty rooms, cleaning supplies (vacuums, garbage bags, etc.), loan key check-out, room check-in and check-out, packages, and reserva tions. Policies for services and equipment check out are established by each residence hall.

ABANDONED PERSONAL PROPERTY Students are responsible for the removal of all personal belongings when they check-out of their room. University Housing reserves the right, without assuming any liability, to dispose of all personal property considered to be abandoned. Students have 30 days to claim their abandoned property. Abandoned property will be boxed up and stored as needed. The student who has abandoned the property will be notified via their Stout e-mail account and via letter to their home address of the date by which their items will be disposed of accordingly. BED BUGS University Housing hires a team of profession als to do a complete search of all residence hall rooms every year to verify that we have no bed bugs in our buildings. If you suspect that you or someone you know has brought bed bugs into the residence halls, please contact your RA or Residence Life Coordinator immediately and submit a Maintenance Request through the Housing Gateway. The residence halls are closed to the public 24-hours a day, except during move-in and move-out periods when the buildings may be unlocked during the day to ease the process. All other times, residents of the hall will need to use their Stout Blue Card to access their build ing. Students should not let unknown people in the door behind them and should always meet guests at exterior doors to escort them in the BUILDING ACCESS & SECURITY

building. Do not prop open any outside doors; doing so endangers the security of all residents. If you suspect there is an unauthorized or suspi cious person in the hall, contact University Police. Residents are also encouraged to lock room doors and carry renter’s insurance. While the University is not responsible for personal pos sessions that are lost, stolen or damaged, we will investigate any cases of theft.

Front Desk Hours of Operation: Sunday–Thursday

10:00 am–10:00 pm 10:00 am–midnight




To report any unauthorized or suspicious person or theft, contact University Police, (715) 232-2222.


COMMUNICATION University Housing will communicate with resi dents via their official University e-mail account. It is the responsibility of the student to check their e-mail account regularly, as important infor mation is communicated (i.e. contract informa tion, housing updates, conduct information, and package arrival).

Each student room is furnished with a recycling bin and a garbage bin. Students are responsi ble for taking their garbage to the dumpsters located outside their residence hall. Recycling and composting centers are found on each residence hall floor. Recyclable items should be free from contaminates such as food, drink, and other debris. Glass, plastic (#1-7), cans, and paper do not need to be sorted. Compostable items include food waste, dining service “to-go” containers/cups/dinnerware (not resuable green containers), paper towels, nap kins, and greasy pizza boxes. GRIEVANCE PROCESS If you feel a Housing staff member has used their position to pressure, coerce, or inappropriately influence others to attend or participate in a meeting or has otherwise acted inappropriately, please see your Residence Life Coordinator or contact the supervisor of the person whom you feel acted inappropriately.

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