Resident Hall Handbook



EQUIPMENT The misuse or damage of any equipment belong ing to the university, including desk equipment, common area equipment, wireless access points, and furniture is not permitted. Cameras may not be tampered with and preventing recording of university-owned cameras is not permitted. Antennas may not be installed on windows, win dow frames, or the exterior of the residence hall. Air conditioners are permitted only with approval from University Housing in non-air conditioned buildings. Waterbeds are not permitted. respond to all reasonable directives, written or verbal, from staff members and University offi cials. No person may knowingly resist, interfere or obstruct a University Police Officer or other University employee while that officer/employee is acting in an official capacity. This includes but is not limited to giving false information/state ments, filing a false report, or placing physical evidence with intent to mislead. FAILURE TO COMPLY Students and their guests are expected to For reasons of fire safety, limited electrical capacity, the risk of leaving items unattended, energy conservation, and to minimize bug, rodent, and other health and safety problems, appliance restrictions exist. It is impossible to list all electrical appliances that are hazardous for use in the residence halls, although a general guideline is that any appliance is prohibited to be used in your residence hall room if it is rated over six amps (700 watts), if it has an exposed heating element, if it may cause a ventilation or air quality problem, if it does not have an auto- matic shutoff, or if it is not UL (Underwriters Laboratory) listed. FIRE SAFETY Appliances

Approved cooking appliances are to be used in the kitchen areas only where there is proper ventilation and fire safety precautions. Examples of approved appliances include George Foreman grills, pressure cookers, and air/deep fryers. Electronic appliances should be charged with their intended charging cords on hard, flat surfaces. University Housing reserves the right to remove any unauthorized or dangerous elec- trical appliances. Decorations Students may not cover more than fifty per- cent of the hallway side of their room doors with decorations. Decorations should not pro- trude from the door. Electrical Only UL approved electrical power strips with an on/off switch, 3 prong plug-in or exten- sion cords six feet in length or less with triple ground plug-ins are permitted. Tampering with or altering any electrical outlet or light switch is prohibited. Entrance & egress Students may not physically block or restrict entrance or exit to any residence halls. Within their room, students must maintain a 30” (width) x 72” (height) path of egress from the door to the window. Evacuations With the exception of pre-planned fire alarm testing, students must leave the residence hall any time the fire alarm sounds and remain at least 150 feet from the building until the all clear is given by authorities to re-enter the building.

ADMINISTRATIVE CONTRACT Students are expected to follow all signed con tracts relative to their status as a student and/or resident at UW-Stout included but not limited to: technology, housing, billing, admissions, etc.

containers may not be transported between rooms.

ASSISTING IN A POLICY VIOLATION Students found to be assisting in the violation of a policy, even if not participating directly, may be held responsible for violating policy regardless of their level of involvement. BUSINESS ENTERPRISE Students may run a legal business from their resi dence hall room provided that it does not break any Housing or University policy/procedures or disrupt the educational or social environment of the residence hall or cause an undue or excessive burden on university resources that include but are not limit to the internet, electricity, waste col lection, mail and package operations, etc… DISORDERLY CONDUCT/INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR Students are not permitted to disrupt the resi dence hall living environment. Students, guests, and all others are expected to be clothed or cov ered at all times when in public areas. Streaking, flashing or public sexual acts are not allowed. DRUGS/CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES Illegal possession, use, procurement, or distribution No one may possess, use, procure, sell, dispense or give-away any controlled substance and/or paraphernalia to any person. No one may use prescription drugs that are not issued to them from a medical professional. Residents under the influence of drugs will be held responsible for their actions, including lack of personal control.

ALCOHOL Containers

Empty containers of alcohol for decoration, including containers that were originally used to hold alcohol beverages, are not permit- ted in student rooms where all residents are underage. Illegal possession, use, procurement, or distribution No one under the age of 21 may possess, use, procure, sell, dispense or give away alcohol in any form to any person. No one 21 years of age or older may provide alcohol to people not of the legal drinking age. Large quantities of alco- hol (kegs, barrels, etc.) are not permitted.

Intoxication/Dangerous Conduct/ Incapacitation Students, regardless of age, under the

influence of alcohol are held responsible for their actions, including lack of personal control.

Public Areas and Distribution Alcohol consumption is permitted only in student rooms, by those individuals 21 or older. Distribution of alcohol is only permitted between those of legal drinking age. At least one resident of the room must be of legal drinking age in order for anyone of legal drink- ing age to consume alcohol. Alcohol or open



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