Resident Hall Handbook



GAMBLING State laws regarding gambling prohibit the exchange of money in gambling ventures. This includes, but is not limited to: poker, games of chance, or betting on sports venues. GUESTS The behavior of a student’s guest is the responsi bility of that student. All guests, like the student, must abide by University and University Housing rules. Any guest who violates the University Housing Code of Conduct will be the student’s responsibility of the specific guest. If roommates agree to have overnight guests; a guest may stay a maximum of three nights in a row and no more than eight nights per month in the residence halls. A night is defined as four hours or more between midnight and 7:00am. The total num ber of guests and residents staying overnight in a student room and/or suite may not exceed the following:

Fire alarms & smoke detectors Students who intentionally set off the fire alarm system or tamper with fire alarms/fire equipment, may be subject to immediate dismissal from the residence halls. This includes unplugging smoke detectors or removing parts from the fire alarm system, starting items on fire or starting a fire. Prohibited activities, materials, & items The following are strictly prohibited in all residential facilities: smoking, including the use of e-cigarettes or other vapor producing items, candles, incense or any open flame, hover- boards, fireworks, gas grills, hazardous mate- rials, gunpowder, lighter fluid, and other explo- sive materials, live coniferous trees or boughs, combustible decorations (large flags, para- chutes, etc.), motorcycles, mopeds, or other items that use combustible fuels. Soldering irons are not allowed to be used in the resi- dence halls due to ventilation and fire safety concerns. Candles for religious use may be stored in student rooms with Coordinator approval and used outside of the residence hall. Refrigerators, microwaves, & cooking All student rooms are provided with a refrig- erator and microwave. Students are also allowed to bring an additional refrigerator for personal use. Additional refrigerators must not exceed 3.2 cubic feet and must be Energy Star certified. Students should never leave cook- ing food unattended and will be held person- ally responsible for any costs associated with a fire alarm being set off unintentionally but as a direct result of their actions, and may also be charged with a violation of the fire safety policy.

PETS With the exception of approved service and emotional support animals, animals are not allowed in the residence halls. This includes visit ing pets. The exception is for harmless fish, snails and crustaceans which can live under water for 24 hours or more. POSTING OF SIGNS Students may not post signs anywhere inside or outside of the residence halls without prior approval from University Housing. Furthermore, materials placed on the public side of room doors must be in compliance with all UW System, UW-Stout and University Housing policies. The display and promotion of any unauthorized event or activity is not permitted. Additionally, no items may be adhered to or displayed in win dows. The only items that may be in a window are twinkle lights around the perimeter, plants on the window sill, or a box fan. You will be asked to remove any other materials by University Housing staff. QUIET & COURTESY HOURS Courtesy hours are in effect 24 hours a day and residents and their guests are asked to be con siderate and respectful of others at all times. Residents may be asked to remove sound-pro ducing equipment which causes noise disruption. Students should refrain from door slamming and shouting. Noise should never be at a level that it can be heard more than two doors away during the following times: Sunday — Thursday: 10:00p.m. – 9:00a.m. Friday — Saturday: Midnight – 10:00a.m. During final exams, quiet hours are extended in order to minimize disruptions during the exam period. Information will be shared prior to exam weeks regarding extended quiet hours.

• Students may not remove furniture from the common areas or their rooms, or place per- sonal items in public common areas. • Students may not build or bring in their own bed lofting systems. • For health and safety reasons, small game cleaning is only allowed in designated kitch- ens. Check with your Coordinator for an approved location before cleaning any game. IDENTIFICATION Residents must be able to produce or retrieve appropriate identification (i.e. UW-Stout ID Card, valid Driver’s License, Military ID, or pass port) when asked to do so by a staff member. UW-Stout ID cards may not be altered or used as false identification to impersonate another student. IMPLIED CONSENT Residents are responsible for being aware of what is occurring in a room or space that they are in. Regardless of whether or not they are directly engaging in a policy violation, all stu dents may be held responsible for that violation and are subject to sanctions for that violation. KEYS & LOCKS Students are not permitted to duplicate keys made for any University lock. No one may transfer their University key to an unauthorized person. No one may possess a University key without authorization. Students may not replace, damage, tamper with, or vandalize any University lock, card reader, or security device. PAINTING Students may not paint their rooms, hallways or furniture without approval from University Housing.

• Single room occupancy - 4 • Double room occupancy - 4 • Triple room occupancy - 6 • Red Cedar suite - 8


Students are responsible for the cleanliness of themselves, their rooms, and all public areas. • Per Wisconsin State Law, haircutting of others is not permitted without an appropri- ate license and should only be done in bath- • Students are expected to recycle and com- post according to university policy and are responsible for taking out their own garbage and disposing of it properly. Students may not place room garbage or recycling in com- mon locations or in any area not designated for waste disposal. rooms or in custodial closets, and the hair must be disposed of properly.



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