Sustainability Action Plan



Develop a campus procedure for clearing snow at bike racks, bike shelters, and bus shelters Offer campus facilities to maintain and repair bikes on campus Evaluate expansion of current staff biking incentives to further increase biking Consider the option of a Bicycle Commuter Benefit using the federal Bicycle Commuter Act, which provides a tax-benefited reimbursement of up to $20/month for the reasonable incurred by employees who commute to work by bike Create a program to make it more convenient for carpoolers to park when they need to drive separately Allow more work schedule flexibility to allow carpoolers to coordinate disparate schedules Continue to pursue the option of offering vanpools from neighboring communities Consider extending staff carpooler incentives to staff who carpool with non-Stout employees or Stout students

Develop an online transportation portal showcasing the full range of transportation options rather than the current yearly parking permit default Create a Sustainable Transportation Manager position to coordinate all alternative transportation options Develop a pro-rated parking pass system that facilitates and encourages occasional and limited commuting by car Develop quality bike commuting infrastructure including: Campus bike paths designated with spray- painted lines and signage Bike parking options including campus bike racks that are maintained in the winters, bike shelters, bike lockers, and indoor bike storage Work with City of Menomonie and community groups to develop and maintain bike paths and dedicated bike routes on city streets

The Stout Student Association’s Green Fee helps implement bike infrastructure like this bike shelter.


Explore the possibility of support for students commuting home by bus (e.g., voucher to offset ticket price) Investigate the option of a weekend shuttle bus to the Twin Cities area

Organize bike safety classes for students and employees

Offer a regularly scheduled bike repair clinic

Develop workshops and programming with local bike shops and student organizations to promote bike maintenance, tune-up, and repair Continue to support and market the Badger Bus Lines service, Jefferson Bus Lines service, and Chippewa Valley Airport Bus service Evaluate and consider expansion of the current staff walking incentive program with the goal of increasing staff walk commuting Create a bikeshare program that allows for students and employees to check out bikes from kiosks around campus and ride them for short periods of time Consider a bike donation program where graduating students may donate bikes to new students Work with Dunn County Transit to expand and improve bus routes

Develop a program for travel-related carbon offsets for:

On-campus parking permits

University fleet travel

Air travel

Study abroad travel


Develop a fleet vehicle matching system whereby university employees traveling to common state locations can carpool in one vehicle Encourage the use of technology to facilitate virtual meetings to reduce travel

Encourage and incorporate more sustainable vehicles Install electric vehicle charging stations

Establish permit discount for electric vehicles

Transition university maintenance vehicle fleet to electric vehicles Explore the option of transitioning some of the university off-campus fleet to hybrid vehicles

In 2016, UW-Stout was recognized as a bronze level Bike Friendly University by the League of American Bicyclists.



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