Sustainability Action Plan






Audit campus buildings to make sure they are in compliance with Recycling Administrative Procedure 047 Ensure that our Surplus Department is recycling all e-waste with an E-Cycle Wisconsin Registered Recycler Encourage shared coffee makers, but discourage the use of Keurig coffee makers Make UDS’ Green to Go program easier to use Use an electronic process with Campus Card rather than a paper receipt Develop a program within UDS to offer compostable plates, cups, utensils, and napkins for purchase by departments/offices and individual employees to buy for on-campus meetings and parties Work with UDS to offer compostable concessions at sporting events Work with Corner 3 (Quantity Food Production) to offer compostable to-go containers rather than Styrofoam Offer a yearly clean-out event for academic and administrative buildings to recycle items and shred paper Work with IT to develop a plan that sets all campus printers to default to double-sided printing Work with campus departments to re-use printed material as scratch/note paper Encourage departments and individuals to track their printing use and compare over time Ensure that UDS is making reusable dinnerware and utensils the default option in all dining locations, rather than single-use options Work with Fashion Without Fabric event to implement the use of recycled materials Offer it in all UDS dining locations

Develop and implement a tool to track all waste from campus in addition to our trash, recycling, compost weights (e.g., batteries, light bulbs, e-waste, etc.) Develop an administrative procedure for reusing and recycling of demolition waste for all renovation projects Track weights for demolition waste -- landfilled, recycled, reused, sold through Surplus -- for each project within facilities management Provide outdoor recycling collection at all trash bins location Reduce paper use within academic courses by no longer providing paper handouts

Work with UW System to develop and implement a procurement process that prioritizes sustainability Work with our Procurement Department to purchase paper that is 100% recycled uncoated freesheet, rather than 30% recycled Create a process for purchasing clothing/uniforms for staff members that prioritizes sustainable apparel Encourage departments to purchase rechargeable batteries and rechargeable equipment, rather than single-use batteries and equipment Investigate the purchasing of electric vehicle charging stations Determine a system for charging students, faculty, and staff for utilizing EV charging stations Investigate the purchasing of carbon offsets for all university travel

Work with the City and County to develop a composting operation in the community

Research and develop a software program (e.g. Papercut) for measuring paper printing in areas with unlimited printing (e.g. residence halls) Develop an on-campus recycling sort system with student employees sorting recycling


Develop sustainability and life cycle guidelines for departments to follow when purchasing items Continue to make all purchasing agents aware of the Focus on Energy incentives


Develop and offer a comprehensive training program for recycling/composting to custodial staff Continue training for recycling/composting to new students in residence halls Offer training for recycling/composting to new employees Develop a 5-year plan to incorporate universal recycling, composting, and trash bins campus-wide Increased promotion of UDS’ Green to Go program and refillable beverage container discount program Educate campus departments regarding the purpose of paper reduction policies to encourage student/ staff cooperation


When replacing appliances, prioritize Energy Star®certified equipment or any other recognized standard/certification for energy efficiency When replacing water fixtures, prioritize Watersense certified equipment or any other recognized standard/certification for water conservation, where applicable Ensure that our waste contract provides for accurate reporting of waste weight data Prioritize purchasing organic fertilizer over synthetic fertilizer Separate compost, recycling, and trash contracts in next bid process for waste vendors to allow for more options for each waste stream



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