First Destination Report

First Destination Report Methodology

Survey Method UW-Stout’s Career Services Office conducts a first destination survey each year to determine the post-graduation status of undergraduate and graduate degree recipients. Multiple attempts are made before and after graduation to substantiate accurate information, including faculty and staff collaboration, survey requests distributed with a graduate’s diploma, follow-up email and phone communication, and online searches.

Outcome Data Definitions

Total Degrees: Totals provided by UW-Stout’s Registration & Records Office. Status Known: Number of collective graduates for whom Career Services has reasonable, verifiable information confirming a post graduation status as employed, continuing education, or seeking employment. Employed: Number of graduates who report full-time or part-time employment. Continuing Education: Number of graduates who report pursuing advanced education in programs of further study. Seeking Employment: Number of graduates who report they are seeking employment or are engaged in the job-search process. Salary Average: Average reported salary among related graduates with a minimum of three reported. Categories that do not meet this threshold are reported as N/A. Knowledge Rate: Defined as percentage of graduates for whom the institution has reasonable, verifiable information out of the total graduates for which degrees were conferred. In addition to other efforts, Career Services makes at least three direct attempts to contact a graduate before their status is deemed unknown and they are excluded from the knowledge rate.

Note: If you are using this report to make sepcific career decision, please consult with the Advismenet Center, Career Services and/or Program faculty and staff.

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