Employee Resource Guide



D-1 BLOODBORNE PATHOGENS EXPOSURE CONTROL PLAN To eliminate or minimize employee occupational exposure to blood or certain other body fluids and to comply with the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard, UW-Stout has developed a bloodborne pathogens exposure control plan. This plan includes universal precautions, work practice controls, use of personal protective equipment, housekeeping procedures, and regulated waste disposal procedures. The hepatitis B vaccine and vaccination series are available to all employees who have occupational exposure. The Office of Safety and Risk Management is responsible for the plan. For information, view the Bloodborne Pathogens page on their website. CLERY ACT In compliance with the Clery Act, the UW-Stout Police department discloses required information about security and crime on and around the UW-Stout campus. UW-Stout Police provides this information in the University of Wisconsin- Stout annual security report and policy statement which is available online. CONCEALED CARRY WEAPONS BAN Wisconsin administrative code prohibits firearms and dangerous weapons in all university buildings including outdoor facilities and permits police to confiscate and remove dangerous weapons from university property. There is no exception to this ban for persons who hold a permit to carry a concealed firearm. For additional information please review UW Administrative code. EMERGENCY RESPONSE AND PREPAREDNESS PLAN The Crisis Management Team meets and plans for a campus response to several types of crises/emergencies. The primary campus plan consists of components which start with the initial notification or response to an incident. That department and/or unit will assess the situation and communicate with the leader of the Crisis Management Team. The leader (Chancellor or designee) will determine if the Crisis Management Team should convene. This approach is designed to deal with the following crises/emergencies irrespective of how they occur. The sixteen emergencies that are specifically identified in this plan cover most probable incidents with which we may be faced. For additional information regarding Emergency Response and Preparedness, please see the emergency response guide online. D-2 D-3 D-4

D-5 FIRE DRILLS The Department of Safety and Risk Management conduct fire drills on a regular basis. Please review additional information online.

D-6 INCLEMENT WEATHER AND EMERGENCY CONDITIONS T he state’s policy is to keep state offices open for employees even when severe weather causes them to be closed to the public. Therefore, always assume that the campus is open. Because local weather differs across the state, the authority to close a campus entirely or to the public, or cancel classes, has been delegated to the chancellor after consulting with UW System administration.


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